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  • Welcome Summer!

    by Lorrin McCoy

    It’s officially summer, and that means it’s time to dig your beach and pool gear out of your garage. Seeing as you only use these items for about three months out of the year, it’s easy to forget that you need new ones. Well, we just so happen to have plenty of great summer items for the whole family to enjoy! That being said, we would like to showcase some of our favorite summer items.

    First, we have some very fun and cute pool floats that are absolutely perfect for pool parties, or even for some river relaxation! We have four floats to fit anybody’s style: an elegant swan, a colorful flamingo, a delicious pizza slice, and more. Not only are they great to look at, but they’re also very comfortable. I mean, who can truly relax without comfort?


    Next, we have our amazing, brand new waterproof Bluetooth speaker! This nifty accessory comes in two variations: blue and black, and gray and black. Though it may not look like much, this thing really packs a musical punch! Since it is waterproof, you can take it with you while you relax on one of our pool floats without having to worry about it getting damaged. The best part is that you can use it while you shower, meaning that you don’t have to wait until next summer to use it again!

    Lastly, we want to showcase our folding backpack chair! This is the best chair to relax in while sitting by the pool. The fact that it can be folded into backpack makes it an excellent item for beach trips as well! This chair also has a cup holder, and a pouch to store all your essentials! 

    Take it from us: you won’t want to miss out on these items. With these amazing products, you are sure to have the best summer possible!

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    • Michelle Bates on

      Just got my patio set it’s out next to the pool. The people at BCP are now my BFF.

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