4 Innovative Reasons to Invest in the Automatic Pet Feeder

4 Innovative Reasons to Invest in the Automatic Pet Feeder

4 Innovative Reasons to Invest in the Automatic Pet Feeder

For most of us pet owners, it can be difficult to find the proper time in balancing your work life, social life, and of course – parent life. As a pet parent, you’re responsible for your little one’s well-being, including being fed on time. If you’re caring for your furry companion on your own, it’s likely that you leave food out and ready when your pet is ready to chow.

Not all pet-owners want to “free feed” their pets, but scheduled feeding can be difficult for most. Free feeding your pet can lead to obesity, limit their diet, and you have an inability to monitor their eating habits. If you have more than one pet, one furry friend may hog all the food. 

The pros of scheduled meals include more control, bonding with your pet, and more closely resembles natural eating habits. The con of scheduled meals is that it’s hard to keep up with.


  1. It’s time to change how your furry friends get fed. The Automatic Pet Feeder is going to change your life in the best way possible. The best way to find out more? Let’s get straight to it. 

It only takes 4 epic features to convince any pet owner that this feeder is a must-have

1. App Control

    This pet feeder is compatible with iOS 7.5 or Android 4.0 and above. You have access to the pet feeder camera wherever you are so long as both the feeder and your cell phone device are in good connection. The app will notify you every time food is dispensed. Multiple people can access the app as well, if you and your friend or partner own your pet together. 

    2. 720P HD Camera

      The 720-pixel camera monitor can view at a 130-degree wide angle view, which means you get an extended range to see how your pet is doing. With the app, you get a live view that is time stamped so you’re always able to check in. The camera also gives you the option to save pictures and videos through the app directly to your phone.

      3. Personalized Feeding

        This is where the automatic pet feeder really changes the game. You can set up to 4 meals per day; each meal can serve up to 10 portions. From your app, you have an unlimited manual feeding option as well. Fill up to 4.5 liters in food for your pet – all feeding history will be displayed in the “event history” section.

        4. 2-Way Microphone

          If you’re concerned about missing that bond between you and your furry friend, fear no more. Through the app, you can talk to your pet by clicking the microphone button. You also have the ability to hear anything in the surrounding area of the pet feeder. For an added personal touch, you can also record a voice recording up to 10 seconds to call your pet when a meal is dispensed.

          Will you be the first to experience the innovation? The Automatic Pet Feeder is ready!


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