Big Ideas in Small Spaces: Reinvent your Home with Outdoor Furniture and Gardening

Big Ideas in Small Spaces: Reinvent your Home with Outdoor Furniture and Gardening

Melissa Enciso

If you live in an apartment, condo, or bungalow, you’re probably aware of how tight things can be. But did you know that the average balcony ranges anywhere from thirty-two to forty-eight square feet!? Knowing this, it should be easy to transform a small space into a secret getaway. Would you like to know how? Here are a few ways:

Keep it Simple

Sometimes in decorating, less is more. Keeping a space controlled by having it serve a single purpose is the easiest way to get started. Ask yourself, “what do I want from this space?” and focus on the simplest way to achieve it. For example, if you want a nice place to entertain a guest, a simple bistro set gives you a place to sit, talk, and share a light meal as you swap decorating tips. For this method, the most important thing is to keep the space clutter-free so it can serve its purpose.

Small but Mighty

Even though your space is small, it doesn't mean you can't go big! Multifunctional furniture is an easy way to create a versatile space, and space-saving furniture gives you full control as you switch from function to function. In the morning, you'll have a breakfast nook, by noon a lounge, and after dinner an outdoor bar! There are no limits when you're creating.

Let it Grow

A good way to maximize a small space is to fill it with something that grows. Container gardening in elevated garden beds provides two things: controlled space and customization. Some people change their wardrobes, you can change flowers every season! Start the spring with fresh tomatoes or enjoy adding color to your sitting space with golden sunflowers. Or if you prefer potted plants, a potting bench on the corner of your balcony will go a long way.

Home is what you make it, and with a little creativity, some clever placement of furniture, and a few flowers, you can make your own. No matter how small it is, you have all the space you need!

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