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Ceramic Tree Buying Guide: How BCP Developed Its Best-Selling Tabletop Trees For The Holidays

Melissa Enciso

Holiday shopping can be stressful; between the décor, ornaments, lights, and ultimately the grand selection of a Christmas tree, it can be enough to drive a shopper insane. Luckily, there’s one piece of décor that although very traditional, is making quite the comeback! Find out everything you need to know about the tried and true ceramic Christmas tree.

A Strong Customer & Product History

Some of us can recall how they sat on tables, mantelpieces, and windowsills in our parents or grandparents’ home. While ceramic trees were popular in the 1970s, they’re making a serious comeback! These bundles of holiday joy are conveniently sized, pre-lit, and operate on batteries so it can be displayed anywhere. It’s a magical tradition that is continuing as vibrant as ever.


We're Saving You On Ceramic Trees Online

With popularity always comes demand, and because of that, ceramic trees are no light expense. Larger models sell for close to $500, while smaller trees can still run you close to $100. Luckily, Best Choice Products is all about family-friendly shopping, which means you can expect to pay no more than $50 for a handcrafted ceramic tree!


How We Built Our Ceramic Trees

While in the development stage of building our trees, we researched ways to turn this expensive tabletop tree into an affordable item that still boasts unmatched quality! Most tabletop trees are made of resin, but at Best Choice Products, we use full ceramic to create a cost-efficient option, PLUS, all our tabletop trees are individually hand-painted and glazed!

There’s nothing like keeping with tradition; for larger displays, we recommend the 15in Pre-Lit Hand-Painted Ceramic Tree. If you’re looking for something a bit smaller to fit your space, the 9.5in Pre-Lit Hand-Painted Ceramic Tree is just the thing! Expect all the handcrafted, quality details in a compact size. Not a fan of green? You can still go classic with the 15in White Ceramic Tree!

Feeling a little playful? Opt for the 11in Pink Ceramic Tree for a spunky touch. If pink doesn’t match your holiday theme, try on rose gold in the form of our 9.5in Rose Gold Ceramic Tree, which is ideal for modern homes with young hearts! For the more daring home that likes to blend holidays, we also have the 15in Ceramic Halloween Tree – all the spark with a little spook!

Get your Tabletop Christmas Tree from Best Choice Products today! Also our mini Ceramic Halloween Tree and Hand Painted Ceramic Christmas Tree is the perfect addition to your holiday decor which is beautifully hand-painted and finished with a smooth gloss.

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