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3 Steps for a Winning Super Bowl Party | Game Day Buying Guide

3 Steps for a Winning Super Bowl Party | Game Day Buying Guide

The clock is running! Only 2 weeks remain until the Super Bowl, so it’s time to start strategizing for your game day party. Whether you’re tailgating or hosting, you need a game plan that’s sure to win.


As the home team, you have the field advantage. Your carefully selected lineup is what will make, or break, your party.

To begin, have your pint-size players arrange this set of 5 folding chairs around your new fire pit while the quarterback prepares the smoker. Once those tasks have been completed, roundup your remaining players to create the official team snack station underneath the pop-up canopy (NOTE: This step is crucial so that your team can quickly refuel between plays). Choose between our 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft folding tables to best fit your lineup of finger foods, veggie trays, and coffee carafe.

Once your field is arranged to your liking, break out your projector screen for the biggest game of the year. The away team (AKA: guests) has just arrived. The game is about to begin.


Photo credit: @engineermommyblog

It’s officially your time to shine. The game is on hold, and your guests have suddenly realized how hungry they are. Little do they know, you have been patiently waiting on the sidelines to reveal your secret weapon: the air fryer. Both teams call for a time-out and rush to the freshly prepared buffalo wings, cheese sticks, and jalapeño poppers. While everyone’s busy snacking and playing corn hole, take advantage of the opportunity. Use our compact ice maker and create cold beverages for your team. If timed correctly, your quarterback should be announcing the next play: smoked ribs. By this point, your guests will be having so much fun that they’ll almost forget about the game—almost.


Football may be over, but your hosting game has gone into overtime. Thankfully, our strategy has already taken this into consideration. Get ready for your final play: cleanup.

Clear the table and conveniently store all leftovers in our assorted container set to keep them fresh. Then, simply wipe your BCP table and chairs clean and conveniently fold them up for compact storage. Send your remaining players to pack up anything left on the field for their final farewell. Super Bowl 2018 is officially over, and whether or not your team won, your party will go down in history.

For a stress-free Super Bowl, take a page out of our playbook and save now on our collection of Game Day Buying Guide:  

1. Portable Projector Screen 2. Smoker 3. Fire Pit 4. Pop-Up Canopy 5. Airpot Carafe 6. Air Fryer 7. Corn Hole Set 8. Ice Maker 9. Assorted Food Container Set 10. Folding Table 11. Set of 5 Folding Chairs

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