The Only 2 Things You Need to Host the Perfect Super Bowl Party

The Only 2 Things You Need to Host the Perfect Super Bowl Party

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We’ve all done it.

Impulsively signed up to host the next big game, only to face the daunting task of giving everybody a great time. Football, America’s most popular game, is in season!

Before you and the family panic about hosting your tailgate, which, unless you have tickets to the game, is more of a [home]gate, get the inside scoop on the two must-haves for a picture-perfect football experience – unless your team is losing. In that case, maybe a lucky jersey will help?

Believe it or not, the Super Bowl is one of the easiest parties to host; since football itself will be the main source of entertainment, your job as a host is really simple and you just have to focus on providing two things to be the Super Bowl hosting master.



That’s right!

The first step is you must have great football party snacks. Because even if your team loses, they won’t forget the great taste of your big hit dish. An air fryer will really help you with this.

You can prep your food before guests arrive and, best of all, provide healthier, guilt-free munchies with reduced fats and oils. The 12.4 qt XL Air Fryer Oven is equipped with 12 pre-set cooking options for a variety of cooking methods. At BCP, we're committed to providing products that simplify - once you’ve got this in your kitchen, you’ll quickly see all other kitchenware disappear under the cabinets!

So what is it about this air fryer that makes it perfect for a Super Bowl party?

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We’re glad you asked.

Although air fryers are a much healthier alternative, it’s usually hard to prepare meals for more than three. But we designed this fryer with a capacity that makes cooking for a large family or party that much easier. If you wanted to, you could place a whole chicken in this innovative appliance. We made sure this air fryer was crafted with the newest rapid air technology that minimizes oils. Additionally, you can use it to cook any way you wish: bake, toast, fry, heat, dehydrate, and even roast.

 Need ideas?

Take inspiration on air fryer appetizers and other goodies with the included cookbook, complete with 32 recipes.

But what about easy eating for the Super Bowl?

To bring this party to life, we’re handing you one of our favorite game day recipes that will have guests complimenting all day!

Keep in mind: food isn’t the only thing you’ll need for a good time. There’s something else many hosts overlook.


Picture this:

The game is slow and the energy in the room is low. At this point you realize that risking the small couch in the hopes that friends and family would be standing, cheering and raging over the score, was a bad idea. Having plenty of seats is a safer bet in case no one is standing.

And you know why else you need to think about seats?


Because the right chair can save the day on a slow game.

Instead of pent up energy that turns to frustration, the day can turn into a relaxing session in the highest quality Zero Gravity Chair collection. Not to be confused with antigravity chairs, we designed these zero-gravity seating to give you the effortless experience of blissful relaxation. Reduced pressure on the spine is just one of the benefits of zero gravity reclines. These sturdy and UV-resistant mesh seats are perfect for any outdoor setting.

We won’t judge if you take them indoors either!

Their smooth lockable reclining system means ergonomic positioning that adjust to your body. Convenient cup holder trays mean no mix-ups between Aunt Jackie and Cousin Mike. Foldable and portable, zero gravity chairs are the perfect tailgating/homegating decision for home and away games.

If you have more friends coming over, BCP has you covered.


The set of 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Chairs are the perfect investment. Sturdy & UV resistant, these chairs are made with a 250-pound weight capacity, so little ones can take a lap seat if they want. Removable and adjustable headrests gladly allow for a little relaxation during halftime. Pick your color and double up on the fun.




Got a napper in the group?

We highly suggest the Folding Zero Gravity Recliner with a canopy. A smooth reclining system means they can glide from watching the score to counting sheep. The adjustable canopy protects their face from the sun, though it probably can’t protect them from waking up if your team starts scoring.

We’re sure you’ve been to a few game day parties before. What made a great viewing experience when you watched the game at a friend’s house? Share your thoughts with anxious hosts below.

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