Non-Traditional Artificial Trees Buying Guide:  How BCP Tailors Christmas to your Tastes

Non-Traditional Artificial Trees Buying Guide: How BCP Tailors Christmas to your Tastes

Editorial Staff

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! Soon, you’ll be rushing around for gifts, garlands, and wreaths to fill your home with holiday décor. Naturally, you need a Christmas tree to bring your decorative set up together, but what kind of Christmas are you celebrating? Will this be a simple, traditional affair, or are you trying to celebrate a different kind of Christmas? Most companies prefer to follow season norms, but thanks to input from our customers and an innovative design team, we are proud to present our line Non-Traditional Christmas Trees!

The Tree Suits your Tastes

Traditional trees have their place in the holidays, but more and more often celebrators love to separate themselves from the pack with their own style. That’s why BCP has devoted our time and energy to creating a line of colored, non-traditional, and unique trees to help our customers flex their creative muscles. Think for a moment and ask yourself, how restrictive is the holiday color palette? A green, red, silver, or white color scheme year after year can get a little boring. But our Artificial Tree Department has worked for years with our customers to launch product after product that breaks the mold of every holiday!

Save on Something Special

Christmas is expensive, it’s a fact, and artificial trees are no small expense. Even on the lower end of the price pool, luxury Christmas trees typically cost anywhere from $500 to $750! But these trees are anything but typical, and their price point reflects that. Imagine a full-sized 6ft tree that costs as little as $75. Now imagine that same tree in a unique shade of hot pink, rainbow, or black! Enjoy lot more personality, with no drop in quality thanks to BCPs superior PVC branches and steel frames.

Our Tree Development Process

Early in development, we cycled through materials that closely mimicked a fir tree’s look but remained affordable for our customers. These two focuses, value, and quality led us to compressed PVC. Unlike other trees made from fiberglass, resin, or aluminum, our PVC branches are flame-resistant and built to stay with you for many holidays!

This year’s holiday season is going to be a unique one. Fewer people will be able to visit, and some may only see their immediate family, so why not go all-out and make this Christmas one to remember!? Nothing says, “Christmas My Way” like a hot Pink Christmas tree, available in 6-7.5ft. Or maybe you’re hoping to impress? Our tinsel trees will help your holiday display outshine the competition while gold, pink and silver color options will complement your personal style.

Get your Tabletop Christmas Tree from Best Choice Products today! Also our mini Ceramic Halloween Tree and Hand Painted Ceramic Christmas Tree is the perfect addition to your holiday decor which is beautifully hand-painted and finished with a smooth gloss.