4 Things You Need to Support Your Wellness and Productivity in an Office Job

4 Things You Need to Support Your Wellness and Productivity in an Office Job

Editorial Staff

What is the office dream? Perhaps it’s the chair with the rolling wheels, a big coffee machine that brews the perfect cup of bliss, or someday getting that big corner office with the clear view from the window. However you define it, there are certain habits you can implement on your way towards success for the sake of the most important thing in this picture – your health. Here are a few office wellness ideas to consider.

First things first; your energy and productivity revolve around the functionality of the desk you choose. Here’s how:

Improve Circulation with an Electric Standing Desk

Breathe Fresh Air with an Air Purifier

They say ideas come out of thin air. But you can’t possibly think clearly when the air in your office is stuffy. Other than being downright unpleasant, breathing stale air can expose you to indoor air pollutants. It’s a good idea to add a HEPA Filter Air Purifier for dust to your office space. It removes up to 99% of common airborne allergens and bacteria, keeping the air you breathe clean and safe and allowing brilliant ideas to flow freely.

Keep Warm with an Electric Blanket

Speaking of air, if your office is in the West Coast, it can be difficult to figure out what the seasons bring. Look outside and you may discover the sun shining mid-December, or a rainstorm in June.  But no matter where you work in the USA, we can predict the temperature in your office – freezing!

Why do they make office spaces so cold? And who keeps blasting the air anyway? Maintenance? H.R.? The office pranksters? This seems to always be the office mystery, but all we know is if you forget your sweater at home, our hats go off to you. Unless you have the Electric Heated Sherpa Blanket with three heat settings. Keep a heated throw blanket like this at your desk and be prepared for when they strike again.

Release Tension with a Massage Chair

Blasting A.C. isn’t the only office annoyance. Every job comes with occasional stress. Some days more than others. On days like these, you need to take a few moments to recharge.

Enter lifesaving, de-stressing, me-time before meeting time Shiatsu Massage Chair Seat. Treat sore spots and stress with therapeutic options like deep-kneading and air compression. The best chair massager to have in an office is a portable one, like this massage seat cushion with heat, designed to easily be added to any existing chair. Plus, it keeps you warm, in case you left your heated blanket at home. So your end of day mood can go from ugh… to aaah!

As you make your mark on the world, don’ t let your desk job make its mark on you. Implement wellness habits along the way that can help you maintain your health and positivity as you climb the ladder of success.

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