Playtime STEMs from Exploration

Playtime STEMs from Exploration

Editorial Staff

As a parent, you want the best for your child—even when they do everything in their power to avoid toothpaste and vegetables. While we can’t bring the battle over nightly teeth-brushing to an end, our selection of STEM toys makes incorporating fun & educational outlets feel like less of a chore. Expand your little one’s horizons with A Mom Inspired & Mom’s in Knots by incorporating stimulating STEM toys into playtime.

Brittney from A Mom Inspired uses STEM toys to supplement her homeschooling curriculum and even turns playtime into a learning experience.

“Just because we are taking a break from lessons to play, doesn’t mean we have to halt the education! …. Ada and Grey both use the Building Magnet Tiles set just about every day! With Grey, we practice learning colors and shapes and with Ada she learns to put the shapes together to build a sturdy structure. They are great for quiet-time and concentration and the two of them share them so nicely!”

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Mom’s in Knots prefers to take the fun outdoors and explains why developmental toys, such as our collection of sandboxes, create such an impactful experience for little ones.

“A toddler and a sandbox go together like PB&J…..From fine motor skills to sensory development, sand play is time well spent….Alexander will get lost in the process of driving his firetruck across the edge or pouring sand from one container into another. I can take a step back and watch from the nearby deck as he covers the entire bench with sand, sweeps it off, and starts all over again.”

“The texture and movement properties of sand are pretty unique…. Manipulating toys in the sand and drawing, or digging, with fingers are all great for fine motor skills. Today we buried the kickball in the sand, and I watched the boys trying to figure out how to dig it out with their tiny hands. [I always look to] add new and exciting tools to keep them engaged and moving!”

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