Pre-Decorated And Flocked Artificial Trees Buying Guide: How BCP’s Trees Balance Value and Luxury

Pre-Decorated And Flocked Artificial Trees Buying Guide: How BCP’s Trees Balance Value and Luxury

Melissa Enciso

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! You’ll soon be rushing around for gifts, garlands, and wreaths to fill your home with holiday décor. Naturally, you need a Christmas Tree to bring your decorative setup together. But instead of more glass, lights, or aluminum, why not try a more natural look? Thanks to our innovative design teams, our line of Pre-Decorated trees brings the beauty of berries, pinecones, and even snow to your home! 

Recreating Nature for You

While it is fair to say that nothing beats a real tree, they’re plain and last barely a month before wilting. That’s why BCP has devoted so much time to developing a line of trees built to last and dressed to impress! Most pre-flocked trees use expanding powder, cotton, or sprays to mimic snow, but not us. Our trees use a nontoxic formula that creates a delicate balance of snow & greenery. This flocking, along with imitation berries and pines cones, just shows our Artificial Tree Department is connected to our customers.

A Special Kind of Saving

Christmas is expensive, it’s a fact, and artificial trees are no small expense. Even on the lower end of the price pool, luxury flocked Christmas trees cost anywhere from $600 to $800! This is because flocking is an expensive process, even more so when it has to last year to year. But at BCP, our combination of affordable materials and creative design produces a wholly unique experience. Imagine a tree that is the very picture of winter with snow, pinecones, and red holly berries coating the branches. Now imagine that tree is just one in a collection of luxury items that costs less than $200!

Our Tree Development Process

Innovation is the key to savings. Innovative materials like our compressed PVC branches withstand wear, warping, and fire for years. We also implement a two-tone coloring process on the branches to add depth to the foliage and mimic real trees. We then lightly coat those realistic branch tips with our snow flocking. Lastly, steel connectors keep decorative accents like berries and pinecones safely attached. This combination promises a handsome, full-bodied tree that will be with you for years!

This year we’ve all spent a lot more time indoors than usual. So, for the holiday season, let’s bring the great outdoors inside! Our pre-decorated and snow-flocked trees come in both full and pencil styles and sized 6 to 9ft. Maybe you want a bit more depth, then our brand new, partially flocked trees combine all the berries, pinecones, and snow of our full-sized trees but with a richer green and heightened texture. Whatever your taste, BCP has your holiday covered.

Get your Tabletop Christmas Tree from Best Choice Products today! Also our mini Ceramic Halloween Tree and Hand Painted Ceramic Christmas Tree is the perfect addition to your holiday decor which is beautifully hand-painted and finished with a smooth gloss.