Secrets to Holiday Savings & BCP Family Traditions

Secrets to Holiday Savings & BCP Family Traditions

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Everyone has specific holiday traditions that make the season all the more special. We’ve asked BCP employees Nakisha, Sehyun, and Nick what their most memorable traditions are, and how they plan on saving for their remaining seasonal shopping. Follow their great tips for finding deals and adopt some of their favorite holiday customs to help make this season one your family won’t soon forget!

Meet NaKisha

Her secret to savings? “Rewards points! I always make sure to sign up for all the rewards programs I can.” She hasn’t started her holiday shopping yet, but when she does, she will be looking for where she can get the most bang for her buck with the points she’s earned.

As for Nakisha’s favorite BCP item: “the classic air fryer. Honestly, I hate cooking, so this machine is a lifesaver. It’s so fast and in 10 minutes you have a meal!”

When it comes to holiday traditions, Nakisha explains that her favorite way to get in the spirit is by putting up the tree with loved ones. “Everyone has their own special ornaments and we just enjoy working together while playing music and having fun! The best part is the end when we can all admire the tree’s beauty together.”

Even today, her family still decorates the tree together, but Nakisha has started her own special traditions with her kids. She says, “Each year we build gingerbread houses and bake homemade cookies. My kids are still young, and they appreciate it. I love that it’s a way to bond and enjoy time together (and not focus on presents).”

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Meet Sehyun

Sehyun admitted in strict confidentiality, “I haven’t done any Christmas shopping…oops. I always procrastinate on Christmas shopping.” He still has a plan to save though! He says when it comes to the hunt for the best value, it’s all about “waiting for deals, checking out deal sites, or using my credit card rewards points to buy gift cards (and then buying gifts using those gift cards). I also use a browser extension that automatically searches for coupons when online shopping.”

Sehyun is a fan of BCP’s deals. When asked his favorite product, he excitedly responded, “my memory foam mattress. Why? Because I use it every day and it’s comfy—way better than the old spring mattress that I’ve been using for years.”

Holiday fun shouldn’t just be limited to your immediate family. Sehyun explains, “since my family doesn’t get very festive for the holidays, I usually spend more time with friends! For the past 2 years, I’ve planned trips with some of my best friends from high school to a cabin in Big Bear to spend the weekend together. We plan to keep the tradition going this year too!”

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Meet Nick

Nick’s pro-tip for simplifying holiday shopping: Pinterest! He says in his family, “we share Christmas lists on Pinterest, which is super helpful because it has links.”

For deals, he has another go-to. Nick says that for deals, “I look for a specific coupon or holiday special. I’ll also check my email because they’ll send rewards codes if I’ve shopped there before. Free shipping is big—even if it’s cheaper on amazon, I’d rather buy from the brand directly if free shipping is available. I don’t mind spending a couple extra bucks if it means free shipping!”

Holiday traditions are no stranger to Nick. “As a kid I always remembered going to the Christmas tree auction. They sold trees for $10, or some really low prices, and that was always fun. We also made it a tradition to go to a local Thai food restaurant each year. It had to be before, on, or just after Christmas and it always had to be at the same restaurant. Then, each Christmas morning we’d have waffles & bacon. For me, the smell of that breakfast with a fireplace burning is Christmas.”

Now that he has a family of his own, he has started a new line of traditions! For starters, “my family has an artificial Christmas tree (from BCP of course). We also spend a lot of time exploring our city and checking out local events like watching the tree light up at the Civic Center in Irvine. My wife is very big on creating a snow village, so that’s something that I’ve adopted too—oh, and having ham at Christmas dinner is definitely new!”

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There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate the season. Now that you know our favorite holiday traditions at BCP, tell us yours in the comments below!

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