4 Easy Holiday Recipes with BCP Appliances

4 Easy Holiday Recipes with BCP Appliances

Editorial Staff

The holidays are coming up, but do you know what you’re serving? Craft the perfect dinner with these delicious & easy recipes made with our time-saving BCP kitchen appliances. Our series of stand mixers, pressure cookers, air fryer ovens, and juicers are all designed to help make your meals faster, and healthier.

Stand Mixer

Mix up the tastiest baked goods this holiday season with ease. Our collection of stand mixers is the best sous chef for your seasonal food prep. Each mixer includes a clear splash guard, whisk, C-dough hook, Y-shaped mixing blade, and either a flex flat beater or silicone spatula.

Pressure Cooker

Turn up the heat and cut hours of cooking down to minutes! Our line of BCP pressure cookers are available in 6L, 10L, and 12L, so you can take on any size dish. With 10 different settings and 3 modes, you can cook entire meals in one appliance! If you finish cooking early, no need to worry, the BCP pressure cooker will keep food warm for up to 10 hours and has a removable bowl for convenient clean-up after dinner has been served.

Air Fryer Oven

The main course of your family dinner shouldn’t be a hassle or headache. Enjoy your favorite poultry dish from the easy-to-use BCP Air Fryer Oven! This appliance can do everything an air fryer can (and so much more). It effortlessly cooks rotisserie meals, dehydrates fruits, and bakes like a traditional oven. Each model of Air Fryer Oven comes with various accessories for specialized cooking styles and a +30 recipe book.


Masticating Juicer

After a day of giving thanks and passing plates, you know the struggle of the dreaded “food coma”. To reduce bloating and post-feast stomach aches, enjoy a healthy and gut-friendly juice made in our Masticating Juicer. This health-conscious machine liquifies fruits and vegetables to provide optimized nutrition.


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