Toys In Action: Post-Holiday Fun

Toys In Action: Post-Holiday Fun

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We all know the feeling: waking up on Christmas morning to a treasure trove of gifts. While the thrill of opening presents is fleeting, their memories last forever. Here are a few of our favorites...

"Watch out friends! McKinlee is ready to take on the world in style!" -Chelsee from The House of Hood Blog

Alright, who doesn't want to wake up to a new car on Christmas? Our officially licensed Mercedes S63 Coupe Ride-On boasts a working FM radio, MP3 player, and all the bells you'd expect from a luxury vehicle built for kids. Whether you're ready to hand over the keys, or secretly chauffeur their ride with the parent control, your little ones will love taking turns cruising down the block. Featured product: Mercedes S63 Coupe Ride-On

The House of Hood Blog

"I don't know about you, but when the gift encourages imagination, motor skills, and creativity, it means much more than just any gift." -Livi from xolivi

Imagination is the key to an active and growing mind. While they don't realize it now, they're developing critical thinking skills by strategically constructing their unique creations with the magnetic tiles. These creative kiddos even incorporated some of their favorite toys and characters into their buildings! Get the whole family involved to build original works and lasting memories. Featured product: Magnetic Tiles


 "PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION" -Ericka from Love Ericka Castanos 

When their eyes light up with excitement, you know you gave them the right gift. For the little ones daydreaming of dinos and racing to their next outdoor adventure, the perfect present can be one of the simplest acts. Featured product: T-Rex Dinosaur | Light-Up Scooter
Ericka from Love Ericka Castanos 
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