3 Products To Add To Your Self-Care Routine

3 Products To Add To Your Self-Care Routine

Melissa Enciso

Sometimes, it’s good to just have a day in – away from the craziness that is daily life. Some of us are busy moms, others businesswomen, and many of us, both! It can be difficult to find time in the day to unwind and take a break. Though we may not think it’s important, self-care is more important now than ever before. If you don’t have a day to spare at the spa, consider these easy self-care items that you can have in your home.

Shiatsu Foot Massager - Red

1. Electric Foot Massager w/ Remote, 3 Modes

After a busy day, all you really want to do is rest. Why not unwind and take off your shoes for a blissful massage? The Electric Foot Massager is just the thing to get your home spa day started. You’ll be able to reduce stress and relieve your tired feet. This deep Shiatsu massage targets key pressure points, providing therapy to tense muscles and alleviates foot strains. Alternate between 4 pre-programmed massages and 3 different styled modes. Relaxing is easy with an included wireless remote which lets you manage power, speed, and massage directions. The compact design separates this massager from the rest; a compact structure that makes for easy storage and even on-the-go use.

A massager of this caliber can be found at an upwards of $100 or more. With BCP? $79.99. Find your color and let the spa day begin.

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Massage Roller Stick

2. Massage Roller Stick

Treat any muscles, sore or not, with the massage roller stick. This roller is designed to target tight muscles and is the ideal option tor reduce cramping and stiffness. Simply by applying pressure to the targeted area, you’ll be able to stretch your muscles out of soreness. Its slim composition makes it easy to travel with, so you can always relieve your muscles from a long day at work or at play.

Regularly priced, this roller stick will set you back $30, but you can shop for it here at $12.99.

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Full Length LED Lights Mirror Jewelry Armoire

3. Full Length LED Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Didn’t think this would make our self-care list? Looking good can be a great boost. When you’re ready to step out on the town, you’ll need a friend to help you get ready for an evening out. The Standing Full-Length LED Mirror can do that and more. Equipped with a jewelry armoire and interior/exterior lights, this vanity cabinet is designed to save you space. The interior includes LED lighting, an additional mirror to put on makeup, 4 shelves for makeup storage, necklace and bracelet hooks, 2 small drawers, and more. A magnetic soft-close door clasp and tilt-and-lock mechanism make sure you’ve always got every angle of your look covered and your valuables safe.


We’ve cut down this elevated armoire from a retailer’s average of $200 to $109.99.

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