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It’s the classic story: two friends and a garage. Over a game of pool in October of 2002, our co-founders discussed how much of a hassle it was to purchase a pool table. They compared both in-store and online deals and found that due to outrageous shipping fees, the only realistic way to buy a pool table was in-person. By the end of their game they came up with a plan: create an honest online shopping destination with directly sourced products. Everything would be sold at an incredible value, without sneaky shipping costs.

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"The website was easy to use,

shipping was quick. Everything came

exactly like it was supposed to."


"Very reasonable prices, ease of ordering, fast shipping, quality products."


"Great service, fast delivery and

outstanding product for more than half

the price of other stores."

Rose H.

"Wonderful quality and very contemporary."


"Free shipping & rewards points help, but the products are great too!"

Matt C

"Great site. Products are usually a great value."


"REALLY like this company. Very reliable. Don't have to worry about shipments."



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