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3 Tips to Decorate Your Garden Area Like a Magazine Home

Melissa Enciso

It’s spring! Now that flowers are in bloom and warmth is in the air, its the right time to beautify your yard space to achieve a front-cover look. It’s all in the details! At BCP, we constantly upgrade our products for your home needs, while still maintaining an affordable price. That’s why all we believe it takes are three simple elements to focus on to achieve a magazine home exterior.

Color: Decorate Window Stills and Entryways

A burst of color at essential spots can go a long way in the overall look! Add that picturesque touch with seasonal blooms, like bright spring flowers! Charming planters can add a romantic touch to your home without overwhelming it with too much distraction.

Keep in mind that although planters make for a lovely look, the wrong ones can be very unhealthy for plant roots. Because we have our own green thumbs in the office, at BCP we were excited to design these plant pots; they’re made with drainage holes and an elevated bottom so that excess water can drain out, keeping the soil bacteria-free.

Composition: Add Visual Diversity

Frame your yard with different sized elements. You can change things up by adding taller décor, like a birdbath. Our Lily Leaf Bird Bath is a great choice; intricately designed with antique floral accents that complement any garden or yard. This garden staple not only provides visual diversity with its vertical shape but is also a great way to care for the birds in your neighborhood.

At BCP, we not only care about building quality products but making sure those products cast your home in the best light. That’s why, for even more oomph, we designed the Solar Lighted Bird Bath. It’s designed with a built-in planter, and lights up at night, casting a lovely warm glow and that is sure to complement your home.

Life: Birds Bring a Yard to Life with Bird Feeding Station 

Speaking of birds, the cherry on top of a successful yard is the peaceful sound of birds chirping. Ensure that your home is the hotspot of these feathery friends with the 4-Hook Bird Feeding Station. Like all BCP Feeders, this station is made of steel, designed to stand even in windy conditions. And, after an our customer reviews indicated a desire for feeding accessories, all our bird feeders now come with all the necessary feeding accessories including a water bowl, mesh tray, tube feeder, and suet feeder.

Or for the ultimate feeding station, we designed the 6-Hook Bird Feeding Station to bring all the essential types of feeders into one, all-inclusive stand that is sure to bring birds to your yard.

To learn more about what kind of bird each tray attracts and where to best place your feeder, make sure to check out our blog An Effective Way to Use a Bird Feeder and Common Mistakes to Avoid.

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