A Parent’s Holiday Shopping Guide for 6-8 Year Olds

A Parent’s Holiday Shopping Guide for 6-8 Year Olds

Melissa Enciso

Bells may be ringing, and halls may be decked with holly, but the gift shopping craze can sure drain all the merriness out of you and your wallet! It’s time someone did something about creating engaging gifts on a budget that will get kids off screens and having fun in the real world! Thankfully, we’re way ahead of you! We have quite the experience in stimulating creative play, particularly utilizing STEM & STEAM gifts for kids that are guaranteed to be big hits with them this holiday season. Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular gift options and how they trigger essential parts of your child’s brain during play time.

Boost Confidence with Ride Ons

It’s early morning on December 25th, and all puffy-eyed, bedhead kids gather around the tree to open presents. At this moment, all parents want that reaction. This toy delivers the glossy-eyed, mouth wide open, squeal of excitement reaction every single time. Empower creativity and make a dream come true when you put a big red bow and park a Licensed Land Rover under (or more like next to) the tree this year! Playing grown-up while driving this sweet ride will not only promote curiosity but will also boost your children’s self-esteem. And with features like an aux cord player, LED lights and two-seater design, two can enjoy cruising down the neighborhood this Christmas!

Problem Solve and Play with Soft Foam Blasters


An engaging way to get your kids active this season is by utilizing soft foam blasters. This is a high-energy toy that gets kids moving and developing social skills. Playing in teams develops strong cognitive and problem-solving skills while sharpening their aim and strategic thinking. There are many styles to choose from, like rapid fire, targets and glow-in-the-dark sets, making this a great option to put under the tree!

Improve Social Skills with Laser Tag

It’s impossible to not have a good time when playing laser tag! There’s no need to spend money for a one-time experience when you can bring the lasers blaster at home and watch your children develop social skills as they exude energetic collaboration with friends. Like foam blasters, they help improve problem-solving skills and cognitive functions, but the laser spin on the classic blaster adds an extra element of excitement that will get your children to finally agree on something to play together!  

Master Hand-Eye Coordination with Games


We love this gift because it’s something that the whole family can enjoy together! Some friendly competition can really boost confidence and sharpen problem solving skills. A game like foosball or table tennis releases energy and improves motor skills. The 4-1 Table Game Set is particularly great because you can switch up the game while still exercising the same skills like dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Develop Focus with a Basketball Hoop

Although getting kids off the screen is a great first step, it’s not enough. Most of their time is spent either in school, in the home, or in the car. Simply put, they’re indoors at unhealthy proportions! Their growing bodies desperately need fresh air and sunlight. That’s why, our favorite idea for a Christmas gift is a timeless piece that won’t fit under the tree - a good, old-fashioned basketball hoop.  This classic, American favorite is a wonderful way to get kids outdoors and is a great exercise to master motor skills and coordination. Unlike most outdoor sports, kids have the option to play with others or alone, so they can still get active without depending on friends being there. It’s excellent for improving kid’s focus, grit, and confidence as they release endorphins during active play. The great thing about this basketball hoop is that it’s height-adjustable, so if your child has mastered shooting at 6.5ft, they can challenge themselves and raise the bar up to 8ft! 

Your 5-8-year-old was once pitifully sitting on the couch glued to a screen all day. No more, you say! Bye-bye screen addiction! Let kids run and play like they used to!

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