A Parent’s Holiday Shopping Guide for 3-5 Year Olds

A Parent’s Holiday Shopping Guide for 3-5 Year Olds

Melissa Enciso

Ah! The Holiday season - when timeless songs begin to play, everything smells like pumpkin spice, and stores are bustling with frantic parents and grandparents hunting for the perfect things to put under the tree. When it comes to gifts for kids, although there are endless possibilities, it could still be kind of tricky to find something that will stimulate creative play without going over budget, or without buying something that will get their young eyes glued to a screen for hours on end. We know a thing or two about mixing fun with education, and we think we can help! Here are a few tips on navigating the STEM & STEAM toy trend this season that will help you find popular quality gifts on a budget that are sure to both excite your child as well as support their mental growth during this crucial developmental stage.

Boost Confidence with Ride Ons


How about giving them what every child dream of – a seat behind the wheel! These cars are a customer favorite for many reasons. The quality of our ride ons is unbeatable in safety, look, and features like LED lights, a USB port, and licensed editions like Mercedes, Ford, and Range Rover to name a few. We love these amazing miniature automobiles because they empower creativity and promote curiosity. We have many sizes available in our catalog. One of the most popular models for 3-5-year olds is the 12V motor Ride-On Truck with parent remote control and spring suspension. Nothing will boost their self-esteem like driving a sweet ride through the neighborhood!


Learn Bigger Concepts with a Marble Run


Remember the first time you were mesmerized by watching a marble make its way down the spins and turns of a marble run? Imagine how much more mesmerizing it will be for your child knowing that they built that long track themselves. And while they’re busy building away, they’ll utilize many skills in their developmental milestones, including learning bigger concepts and mastering fine motor control. For younger kids, our 97-Piece Racetrack with bigger blocks is just right for their little fingers. They’ll develop problem solving skill throughout the building process and once they’re done, they can watch their marble run with new-found confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

Promote Focus with Magnetic Tiles

Similar to the Marble Run, Magnetic Tiles will help improve fine motor skills and problem solving. Deciding where pieces fit will get them practicing and repeating shapes and colors, developing their pattern recognition. Creating with the tiles will also help their focus and critical thinking that will trigger essential parts of their brain. Choose one from our diverse selection or combine sets for a big magnetic tile masterpiece. 

Build a Wider Understanding with a Dollhouse

Throughout generations, this toy stands the test of time. There’s nothing like playing house to help your young child grasp a wider sense of the world. Dollhouses also help develop self-esteem as they begin to make decisions that control the story line.

Master Minor Motor Skills with Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are all the rage, and we can see why! Introducing your child to the world of instruments early on is a great way to promote curiosity and exploration. Our Kids Electric Guitar Play Set is a top seller and wonder for developing children’s minor motor skills and patter recognition. Plug the guitar into an MP3 or smartphone so they can jam along to all their favorite tunes!

Empower Creativity with Remote Control Cars

The remote-control car is yet another cross-generational favorite! The excitement of being able to control a vehicle is sure to boost self-esteem and give your child a sense of adventure! Watch them stimulate their creativity and exercise their imagination as they maneuver a police car through the living room.

So now that you’ve mastered navigating the options, leave the frantic holiday shopping to the amateurs. Let them search store by store, aisle by aisle. Not so with you! You know how and where to find affordable quality toys that are going to keep you in the lead as the favorite gift-giver.

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