All Kinds of Shade: A Buyer's Guide to Patio Umbrellas

All Kinds of Shade: A Buyer's Guide to Patio Umbrellas

How do you pick the perfect umbrella for your outdoor area? It can be a lengthy process when considering shape, size, angles, convenience, and more. But we’re here to tell you – outdoor perfection can exist with the proper knowledge and preparation.

At BCP, we try to make sure we’ve got something waiting in the wings for any- and everybody. So, we’ve broken down our wide range of patio umbrellas in hopes to provide a little perspective about the right one for you.

quality makes the difference

What good is a patio umbrella that blows with the wind? Yours should stay put in the location you’ve set it, which is why the combination of design and materials is so lucrative. Each umbrella in our diverse catalog is crafted with a heavy-duty steel frame and weather-safe polyester canopy. We don’t need to tell you what that means for longevity, but aw heck – you convinced us. No matter the time of year, our umbrellas are built to last, rain or shine! Heavy winds are a little trickier, however. So, we’d recommend closing your umbrella and storing it in a safe place when they occur.

quick feature rundown

cover large spaces - lift/tilt function - different styles - heavy duty construction

patio umbrella size chart

umbrellas that suit your needs

Market Umbrellas

There’s something to be said about a classic appeal, and that’s exactly what comes with a market umbrella. This is at the top of the list of the most well-known outdoor umbrella styles. Our signature style keeps you shaded under a classic, straight-lined canopy held firm by 7-8 ribs. Cool & consistent airflow is also provided with its top air vent. Plus, when your market umbrella is built with tilt adjustment like ours, you’re able to enjoy shade from sunup to sundown.

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Cantilever/Offset Umbrellas

Patio umbrella poles often find a way to get in the way. For those looking for a solution, an offset umbrella just might be your perfect pick. At BCP, 360-degree rotating umbrellas are considered cantilever, while offset umbrellas don't rotate. These innovative shade essentials stretch over areas expanding from 9-13 feet. Place it behind your patio furniture and worry not about having to look around a pole as you and your loved ones enjoy conversation. Also, keep in mind your house’s position relative to the sun when deciding the perfect umbrella for you. While some umbrellas won’t need to be able to spin 180 degrees, others may need to, depending on the time of day.

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Solar LED Umbrellas

Here’s where things get interesting! Any umbrella can relieve you with shade, but only the best ones provide light when then sun says “goodnight.” This umbrella uses the sun to charge throughout the day while keeping your patio cool and shaded. When the moon takes over, each of your umbrella’s ribs are laced with lights that keep the patio lit up at nighttime. The LED feature is available in both market and offset designs.

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A Couple Things to Consider

  1. Even if you put your umbrella through the center of a table, we recommend using a weighted base for stability.
  2. Refrain from leaving open umbrellas unattended. Close the canopy before walking away for extended periods or storing it vertically in a table or on its own.

We hope this has helped you determine the best umbrella for your outdoor space. When you make your decision, don’t forget to share photos of your setup with @bcproducts on Facebook and Instagram!

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