Reasons To Buy an Artificial Tree

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting a BCP Artificial Tree

Melissa Enciso

There's no question about it, BCP has an impressive Christmas Tree Collection! We know, nothing quite compares to the natural feel and scent of a Christmas tree, but can a real tree always satisfy your tailored aesthetics for the holiday season? At BCP, our product experts have taken what customers love about natural trees and implemented the finest quality into artificial designs! BCP has the ultimate variety of sizes, colors, and lights to make your Christmas one to remember.

To help ease you into a decision we no doubt know will lift your holiday glow, here’s a breakdown of BCP trees:

BCP's Christmas Tree Variety pre-lit unlit pencil full flocked unflocked pre-decorated colorful


A Little Light Goes a Long Way

pre-lit blue spruce artificial christmas tree

Pre-lit options are a great time saver for anyone who is ready to jump into the most wonderful time of the year! Choose between UL Certified LED lights or bright incandescent lights to get your party started. Our newest and most favorited addition to BCP’s tree collection is the Pre-Lit Blue Spruce Treedesigned with a unique blue tint that offers a distinct, natural appeal and bright white incandescent lights. Available in 4 different sizes and even a pencil version, you can ensure to get plenty of admiring eyes throughout the season! If you enjoy the meticulous care required to decorate your tree from lights to ribbons, a classic unlit option is always in style! Unlit trees provide a great opportunity for family & friends to bond as they decorate. BCP’s top pick this year is the Premium Pine Tree, crafted with durable metal hinges and flame-retardant PVC branches to hold all your decorative touches.

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Pre-Lit Flocked Artificial Aspen Noble Fir Christmas Tree w/ Metal Stand

Skip the can of artificial snow; BCP’s selection of flocked trees provides the winter joy without any of the inevitable mess. For a different look this Christmas, we’re recommending our Pre-Lit Aspen Noble Fir Tree, designed with 2-in-1 LED lights for both white and multicolor display! Specially built branches combine premium-quality PE & PVC to recreate the stiff, horizontal pattern of the iconic tree. We’re particularly excited about the cordless light connection, a new feature for BCP – just stack the sections of your tree, fluff, and plug in the base! 

Not into the snow? No problem! Check out our Pre-Lit Hinged Douglas Tree for a traditional yet timeless look. This pre-lit design is crafted with hundreds of incandescent lights (count varies by selected size) and an easy assembly feature that saves you time to deck the halls, prep your holiday menu, and even wrap up some final gifts!

Abundance in Any Shape

pre-lit spruce pencil christmas tree pre-decorated

Pencil trees are a great option for those who want to save space or add to their centerpiece tree. For apartments, studios, and even dorm rooms, we highly recommend our pencil trees collection; you get all the quality in a sleek profile that saves space and still creates the full glow of Christmas. If you have the space for a full tree but just can't help yourself, we don't blame you! Add to your holiday with these secondary duty decor pieces, perfect for an office or bedroom - our Pre-Lit Spruce Pencil Tree is pre-decorated with incandescent lights, artificial berries and pine cones. It's the ideal option for any festivity in need of a boost! If you’re ready to upgrade your full look to something a bit more premium, our newest addition is sure to shake things up. Available in three sizes, our Pre-Lit Semi-Flocked Cashmere Pine Tree recreates the dense foliage of natural trees, complete with frosted tips for a stunning highlight where gifts and memories can be shared!

Something Other Than Green

There’s no rule that says your Christmas must be green. As a matter of fact, our product experts have designed trees in an array of colors so you can find the glow that suits your own. Looking for something bold? Check out our Colorful Christmas Tree Collection!

Christmas Tree Colorful Collection Pink White Black 

 Skip the Ornaments

Before you wonder too much about the type of ornaments you’ll adorn your new tree with, remember you can always enjoy a BCP tree to the fullest with pre-decorated designs that do the work for you! Some of our favorite selections include artificial berries, pine cones, snow flocking, and multiple light options.

Find the tree your friends & family will gather around this year!

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