Floor and Gaming Chairs Buying Guide: How BCP Designs a Customer-Favorite in Entertainment

Floor and Gaming Chairs Buying Guide: How BCP Designs a Customer-Favorite in Entertainment

Melissa Enciso

Whether you’re a combat gamer or role-playing type, whether you prefer the latest releases or are a nostalgia-junkie - we know everyone, has a gaming side. If you’re like us, you know that there’s nothing worse than being interrupted in the middle of the game, like having to shift in an uncomfortable seat right when the battle heats up. Thanks to our gaming chair collection, you can experience the ultimate in-the-zone kind of comfort and say goodbye to the “pins and needles” sensation of your leg falling asleep from sitting in an ill-suited position.

Upholding a Family-Centric Legacy

At Best Choice Products, we know how to produce serious entertainment. Our gaming-chair collection is made with your family in mind because we know that there’s nothing like spending an evening with the ones you love - laughing, gaming, and having a good time. We build fun, quality products that will help our customers make memories that will last a lifetime, and our gaming chairs are no exception. We designed these chairs with care and attention so your family can game together in maximum comfort.

How We Score Against the Competition

Although these chairs are the ideal seating when it comes to video-game night, many families do without it because of their expensive price tags. Most gaming chairs you find online cost around $200. But we believe in making high-quality products affordable to the average household. That’s why we built a variety of gaming chair options for every family and budget, all under $120.       

How BCP Gaming Chairs Stand Out 

In our catalog, we wanted to provide a chair for every style and need. Our detail-oriented approach ensures that each chair has a unique, elevated feature that appeals to each of our customers.


Our 360-Degree Swivel Gaming Chair is designed with mesh material for a breathable surface that can withstand hours of play. This chair is also designed with convenient characteristics like armrests and a 360-degree swivel for that extra excitement that comes with scoring a victory!

We also wanted to provide some multifunctional seating options that can also be used for other activities. The Multipurpose Adjustable Floor Chair is designed with microfiber for added comfort that can be used for gaming, reading, and studying alike! Unlike our 360-Degree Swivel Chair in bold colors, this chair comes in more neutral tones to match any room in your home.

If you still want a gaming-only seat, but with a touch of homely elegance that blends with the living room furniture, our Folding Floor Gaming Chair is a perfect balance. It’s got a classy look with neutral colors, high backrest, and linen fabric, but with the unbeatable comfort of cushioned seats, adjustable positions, and 360-degree swivel. To top it off, this seat is foldable and lightweight, so you can easily move it from the living room to the kid’s room with ease.

Whether you’re a serious gaming family, or just looking for something to fix your kids’ slouching position - no more settling for a lousy seat on the carpet floor. At Best Choice Products, you can afford a plush, full-comfort chair for a truly game-changing experience.  

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