The Gift of Greenery: How Box Gardens Can Make your Mother’s Day

The Gift of Greenery: How Box Gardens Can Make your Mother’s Day

Melissa Enciso

Imagine a crisp Saturday morning, you roll out of bed, stretch, and take in the sunrise. Then you look at your phone and realize tomorrow is Mother’s Day! You don’t just need a gift, you need one that shows exactly how much you appreciate the woman who raised you. You gave her flowers last year, so why not give her a garden?

How Elevated Beds Elevate Gardening

Box gardening is one of the best ways to make a space your own. Elevated garden beds provide all the joys of a regular garden, but at a fraction of the size and maintenance! Best Choice Products’ elevated
beds stand a comfortable 30 inches from the ground to save your mother the strain of bending or kneeling. However, if you don’t want your garden in a fixed place, our new mobile garden beds use a set
of locking wheels to move from sun to shade! Whatever your preference, both beds save space and allow you to grow whatever your heart desires, in this case, a personal garden for your mother!

The Language of Flowers

When building a garden, consider who you build it for. Flowers speak their own language, and together you can compose a message your mother will greet each day. Hydrangeas, for example, symbolize familial love while gardenias symbolize the love of a child. One of the best ways to find this message is to simply write it down and research the flowers that connect those words, then let your creativity do the rest.

Don’t forget, the best way to enjoy a garden is to share it. Take the time every week to go outside and share the gift of greenery with your mother. Best Choice Products has all you need to get started! 

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