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Favorites List: Flowers That Bloom In Fall

Melissa Enciso

One of the wonderful things that a clear day offers is the opportunity to plant greens and flowers. Whether they be for your personal use, or simply to adorn and embellish your garden, flowers offer a liveliness that is both natural and simple.      

When we think of flowers and greens blooming in our yard, we usually picture that the reason for a blooming flower is a bright sun over clear skies. It’s a misconception that leaves many gardens somewhat neglected during the colder months. Don’t leave your planters and pots to gather dust; a blooming garden can stay fresh all year if you plant the right seeds during the right time of year.

We’re counting down our top picks for beautiful flowers that offer your Fall season a touch of Spring. This means planting should take place in the late Summer or early Fall.

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1. Pansies

Pansies offer a lovely fall palette of burgundy and warm yellows, but you can find them in every color of the rainbow. Noted as one of the most popular fall flowers, you can plant a few during the fall and watch them bloom in Spring!

2. Celosias

    The quirkiest thing about celosias is that if you look at them closely, they resemble trees in the Fall! The color palette is warm and cheery, perfect for any arrangement in the home and refreshingly different from Spring bulbs.

    The Elevated Wood Garden Planter Stand  is the ideal location to place such bright, blooming flowers. It’s spacious design makes sure different flowers can breathe and grow uninterrupted. It’s also highly recommended for any gardener who struggles to bend down for traditional, direct gardening in soil.

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    3. Purple Fountain Grass

      Not a flower, but just as beautiful and a great way to accent any arrangement, purple fountain grass adds a vertical texture to your garden. These stems give any garden a rustic touch and a warm feel.


      4. Chrysanthemums

      By far, the season’s most popular flower, and for good reason – Chrysanthemums offer a beautifully plump look to any garden. Soft and bright colors keep your season fresh!

      5. Dianthus

        The stunning Dianthus comes in a variety of colors, so you can plant multiple variations for a full fall bouquet. We recommend red and purple, but what sets these bloomers apart is their amazing fragrance!

        If your home doesn’t comprise of a yard in which to directly plant, but you still want the appeal of a traditional garden, the Set of 3 Wood Garden Planters offers a solution. 3 different planter sizes give you the option to pick and choose your favorites, plus pre-drilled drainage holes ensure water flow remains smooth for healthy growth.

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