Cyber Week Gift Guide: Making Holiday Memories With BCP

Cyber Week Gift Guide: Making Holiday Memories With BCP

BCP’s Cyber Week is a golden opportunity to clear those Holiday wish lists! Deals, savings, and great holiday memories are just a few clicks away. However, a shopping spree can quickly become a spending spree if you’re not careful, so how do we shop smart and save? Follow three simple steps: make a list of your loved ones, divide that list so you can shop based on shared needs and interests, then optimize your time by shopping online where possible. The last one is key, since many online retailers offer deals or deductions to their loyal shoppers. Every little bit helps, especially during the holiday season!

Your list is written, your plan is ready, now one question remains: what’s a good gift? While our catalog is bursting with awesome items that would make anyone’s holiday happy, we’ve narrowed it down to a few customer favorites. We’re also following our own advice by categorizing gift ideas: for him, for her, and for kids. Family memories and family-friendly products are made to bring your home a lasting spark; this value has always inspired our work, so we hope it can inspire your search!

Gifts for Him

Brothers, fathers, or friends—the boys in our lives deserve a nice treat to let them know we love them. With winter on its way, indoor fun and relaxation are the best gifts we can give, so let’s discuss a few of our old favorites!

Space is a valuable commodity in any home, but when it comes to our loved ones, there is nothing more valuable than their comfort. The key is designating a space that is theirs and maximizing it with a few conveniences. Our Linen Massage Chair is a winner in both the looks and functionality department. Imagine this chair, sleek and stylish, in a warm corner of the room, just waiting for your husband or father. He sits back, puts his feet up with the built-in foot stool, and engages any of the 3 massage modes to help undo the days stresses. Is it cold outside? The heat function paired with his favorite blanket and slippers are just the thing to bring him peace and comfort!

It’s a pretty picture, but not everyone relaxes the same way. If you’re like us, you know that losing yourself in a good hobby is the best way to unwind. Building, woodworking, and other home projects just can’t be done without a sense of organization. Our Wall Mounted Tool Organizer is a classic customer favorite and comes with 28 storage bins in three different sizes. Take it from an avid woodworker; life is much easier when you can stay organized.

While a handyman is welcome around the house, we don’t all need to build things to be creative. Musical memories are a gift that keeps on giving, especially with our 88-Key Electronic Keyboard. This keyboard makes a big statement and features weighted keys for an unbeatable sound and feel. Music is a wonderful hobby to learn, and an instrument like this makes it easy to lose track of time!

Gifts for Her

Whether its your mother, sister, wife, or just a close friend, every woman deserves a place to get ready for the day in peace. Our Hanging Door Mirror comes with an LED lit storage cabinet and dedicated spaces for jewelry, makeup, and more. Imagine getting ready for a night out, and thanks to your gift, she has a perfectly organized space to shape her look for the evening! The full-length mirror is ready to help her say yes [or no] to the dress! Meanwhile the internal mirror’s lighting is perfect for applying make-up, shaping brows, or even a light hair trim. Once that’s done, any of the dozens of hooks and holders will help her find the right accessories. But what if your lady friend already has a beauty routine she doesn’t want to change?

Here's an idea to sweep her off her feet. It's not uncommon to hustle & bustle through errands or simply seize the day and have a set of sore feet to show for it. Our Shiatsu Massage Foot Bath is relaxation and comfort in one compact package! The massager's rollers and nodes will help address her stressful areas, while the water circulation will promote blood flow and help reduce swelling. Imagine the peace of mind she’ll have when she comes home, ready to decompress, knowing she has all the comfort of a spa pedicure at home!

Automatic Heated Shiatsu Massage Foot Bath Spa w/ Pumice Stone

Not impressed? Feed her creative side with our Portable French Wooden Easel! This all-in-one folding easel is perfect for artists on the go, ready to seize the day. This gift would serve her every need as a drawing box, storage space, or full-sized easel. Best of all, it comes with a complete beginners set of paints, brushes, and 2 palettes! Whether she’s been painting for years, or is discovering a new passion, this easel is the perfect gift to help her express herself through an old tradition.

Gifts for Kids

Kids are easy, right? Wrong! Whether you’re a parent, guardian, or friend of the family, you know a child’s attention and focus can be a fickle thing. Our experts selected the following products with the hopes of engaging them to help you create precious memories to look back on years from now.

Video arcades may be long gone, but kids can still replicate those fun times with our 10-in-1 Multi-Game Table! As we said before, kids can have a hard time choosing one activity; this game table saves you the stress of finding something new. In the mood for air hockey? Swap the surfaces and keep the foosball table nearby. Do you have more than one child? Separate the surfaces and let them entertain themselves with healthy competition!

Maybe the kids don’t like board games, maybe they like to be right where the action is. Our Childs Bumper Car Ride On is a newcomer sure to be an instant classic; it's available in four colors and features a set of manual and remote controls. Imagine watching them zip around the room having the time of their life! You'll want to join in on the fun with the remote! You can have fun with peace of mind too, since this ride-on comes with a five-point seat harness; it will be a wild ride, but not an unscheduled flight!

 6V Kids Ride On Bumper Car Toy w/ Remote, Harness, Lights, 360 Degree Spin 6V Kids Ride On Bumper Car Toy w/ Remote, Harness, Lights, 360 Degree Spin 6V Kids Ride On Bumper Car Toy w/ Remote, Harness, Lights, 360 Degree Spin 6V Kids Ride On Bumper Car Toy w/ Remote, Harness, Lights, 360 Degree Spin 6V Kids Ride On Bumper Car Toy w/ Remote, Harness, Lights, 360 Degree Spin 6V Kids Ride On Bumper Car Toy w/ Remote, Harness, Lights, 360 Degree Spin 6V Kids Ride On Bumper Car Toy w/ Remote, Harness, Lights, 360 Degree Spin

In this time of videogames and YouTube, it can be a challenge to get the kids outdoors. This Toddler Activity Center is a great way to build a love for outdoor sports in your little ones. It features a basketball hoop, a soccer goal, and a ring toss so they can build up skill and dexterity while developing healthy habits!

You have a list, you have ideas, and you have days and days of deals to take advantage of! The holidays are about more than gifts, but nothing quite matches the feeling of working to find the right gift and seeing how much they love it. You can shop this cyber week knowing that no matter the gift you choose, you’re also giving them a smile.

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