Fall Favorites: Enjoying the Season with BCP!

Fall Favorites: Enjoying the Season with BCP!

It’s official, Summer is coming to an end, and it’s almost time to trade in our board shorts for cargos. There are plenty of things to enjoy instead of rushing through the Fall months in a mad dash to the holiday season. Annual camping trips, cocoa instead of coffee, and story time by the fire are just a few ways we love to ring in the Fall. We come from many places at BCP, so we canvassed our crew and asked them, “How do you like to start the season?”

We’ve curated our favorites to bring you some fresh ideas to get your Fall started just right!


“…I’d have to say decorating for fall to get into the spirit or watching Halloween movies!” – Lauren Klein, Graphic Designer

A new season means a new start, so it’s the perfect time to reinvent your favorite spaces. Lauren lives in the moment, and her idea of redecorating to get into the spirit is a fun and easy way to make the most of the season. Depending on the tone you want to strike, this can be as simple as bringing in some warm red and orange tones or changing your whole layout to suit the colors of the season.

Rather than go one way or the other, we like the best of both worlds and suggest buying a few new pieces to help reinvent the room. Imagine a cozy evening, there’s a fire in the hearth, crackling behind an elegant Fireplace Screen.

3-Panel Iron Chevron Fireplace Screen w/ Handles - 52x31in

Across from that, a comfy AND convertible Futon, paired with one of our Lift Top Coffee Tables completes your evening, whether it’s movie night, game night, or couple’s night. But it’s not just an evening setup! For example, Fall is back-to-school season, so why not dedicate a space for the kids to study and relax? The futon will help them unload the stresses of the day, while the lift top is perfect for studying or enjoying an after-school snack!

“I love to dress my dog in fall attire or Halloween costumes when going on a walk.” – Andrea Castaneda, Social Media Coordinator


Who doesn’t love a walk through the neighborhood with their furry friend? While BCP hasn’t branched into the dog-costume market (yet), we do know a thing or two about spoiling our pets! Picture yourself on a long walk with your dog when the weather takes a turn, you’re covered, but your furry buddy is stuck in the cold. It pays to have a backup, like our rolling 2-in-1 Pet Stroller! You can fill the stroller with their favorite stuffed animals and blanket to give them a comfortable ride home in the autumn breeze!

“I always start off with one big camping trip…watching mother nature shift gears is one of the most beautiful natural sights in my opinion.” – Ian Hagen, Video Team Supervisor

But maybe the neighborhood isn’t enough for you. Maybe you’re like Ian and need to get out there and see the undisturbed beauty of nature with your own eyes, feel the raindrops on your skin, and be knee-deep in the brush. Camping is a classic tradition for a few good reasons: those who do it love it, and those who don’t love it haven’t found the right place.

But what makes a solid camping trip? Finding comfort in unfamiliar places. And the best way to find comfort is with a few conveniences that won’t take up too much space in the truck bed. Imagine you’ve just finished a hike, and instead of curling up on the ground in your tent, you can set up a folding Zero Gravity Chair. Set yourself up on the vista and watch the world go by. 

 Zero Gravity Chair

Or say you’re camping in the desert, and need a break from the sun, why not bring a One-Person Canopy and beat the heat? The Fall is the perfect time to experience the seasonal changes without worrying about too much heat or cold—a happy medium to start your season right.

“I’m home on the coldest days, so chilling and sewing new projects are my favorite thing to do” – Anonymous Thread-Head in Marketing

The cold weather means it’s time for a wardrobe update, so why not break out the needle and thread and add that personal touch to your clothes? There’s nothing quite like making something with your own hands, especially when it’s for someone you love. Personal experience with the craft tells us that while it may take time, it’s time well spent, especially when you have the right tools. A versatile Sewing Machine combined with a sturdy Craft Table can be the difference between a two-day project and a 2-hour one. A few ideas for fall sewing projects:

  • Pumpkin pullover for the dog
  • Matching beanie hat for you
  • A set of gloves
  • A handmade scarf for that special someone

6V Portable Foot Pedal Sewing Machine w/ 12 Stitch Patterns

The possibilities all depend on you!

No matter how you decide to spend the Fall, remember there’s more to do than count down to the holidays. Every day is an opportunity to try something new and enrich yourself and your loved ones with new experiences. When the leaves start falling, it’s time to lift your spirits with something new!

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