Fire Pit Buying Guide: Step-By-Step to the Perfect Fire

Fire Pit Buying Guide: Step-By-Step to the Perfect Fire

Melissa Enciso

A fire pit is more than just an accessory to have planted in your outdoor space; it is more than a source of heat. Owning a fire pit is an invitation! When the sun goes down, but the party wants to continue, fire pits ensure that your evening keeps its spark. Whether you want to roast marshmallows and share memories with friends and family or drink a glass of wine while you do a little self-reflection, a fire pit offers a picture-perfect vision of what it means to enjoy the natural outdoor sky.

 Before you invest in just any fire pit, let’s talk about the basics.

 Where do I place my fire pit?

 It’s important to note that you can’t place a fire pit in the middle of just any space. Think of your fire pit as a delicate flower that needs to be in the right environment to truly “blossom.” Covered porches and enclosed spaces [even if it’s outdoors] is highly discouraged. You’ll want to double check with your city or county for certain restrictions.

 What kind of fuel do I use?

 If you prefer the aroma and sound of crackling fire, wood is the ideal choice. It is the first choice for aesthetic purposes, truly enhancing not only the look but feel of your flame. An average log is sized at about 24 inches, so you’ll want to make sure the fire pit you choose can hold a few of these.

Propane and natural gas pits are a little bit more flexible when it comes to maintenance and location. Wood fire pits do better in open areas and require relative clean up. Natural gas pits can be used under overhead roofs and in general, they’re a much cleaner option. You don’t have to worry about debris, or your clothes smelling like you were camping all weekend.

What should my fire pit be made of?

Like most of your home décor and necessities, you’ll want to invest in something that lasts. It’s also important to consider that a fire pit will more than likely NOT come in a variety of colors or shapes – this is to keep its functionality at top caliber. We wouldn’t recommend heavily searching for a pink glitter fire pit because let’s be honest, you probably won’t find it. When choosing your fire pit, you’ll want to opt for something that wears well and fits universally no matter how your décor may change. Cast aluminum is a reliable choice, as it is less likely to rust. Cast iron is the ideal choice but be prepared to sit your fire pit in one place and leave it; cast iron is heavy!

Fire Pit Safety and Maintenance Chart


 Now that you’ve established a few basics, let’s explore the very best fire pits in the market!

24in Hex-Shaped Fire Pit

The Elevated Fire Pit: Hex-Shaped Fire Pit 

For an enhanced scenery for leisure and entertainment, the 24-inch Hex-Shaped Fire Pit fits that need. Although slightly smaller than the easy choice, this fire pit makes up for its smaller size with a deep hex-shaped bowl which can still hold plenty of firewood. Crafted with durable steel and a distressed bronze finish for an effortless rustic vibe, this pit redefines what it means to throw a bonfire. It’s unavoidable that wood fires need maintenance; with a fire-retardant lid built to contain ashes, clean-up becomes a much less troublesome task!



Fire Pit Table w/ Gas Tank Storage

 Classic in White: Fire Pit Table w/ Gas Tank Storage Side Table 

For a much more classic patio theme, spring for the 35x35-inch Propane Fire Pit Table. This clean, square design is elevated with a sleek white finish for a brighter and much more modern take on outdoor gatherings. Included lava rocks give this table a welcome spark of edge. A matching side table holds drinks and other décor, while conveniently serving as a storage space for your propane tank. A powerful table; this fire pit emits up to 40,000 BTUs of heat with a standard 20-pound propane tank. Its traditional square design is crafted with durable magnesium oxide, along with a hose and pit cover for protection from elements.


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