Buying Guide: Find Longevity in Futons

Buying Guide: Find Longevity in Futons

Melissa Enciso

When you’re told to prepare for the future, no one tells you where to start. Futons are a step in the right direction. With a collection of beloved classics and innovative, new designs, you’re sure to find the perfect indoor sofa. The futon is the future; it fits perfectly in a college dorm, apartment, or studio. Sofa and sleeper combine for an all-star living design, so cramming guests on your couch is a thing of the past. All our futon couches are easy to assemble and constructed to last for years to come. Find your future with our shopping guide on all things futon.

Faux Leather Convertible Futon w/ 2 Cup Holders

Don’t let the word “futon” fool you as just a functional term. Futons can also be contemporary, which is exactly what you get with the faux leather convertible futon. Whether you prefer black or white, it serves as a universal centerpiece. This lounging essential is crafted with durable faux leather and 4 chrome-metal legs. The 2 convenient cup holders mean less time standing and more time lounging.

Convertible Linen Tufted Futon w/ Pillows 

We totally understand that not everyone relaxes at the same pace, and definitely not in the same position. With the convertible linen tufted futon, you can split relaxation in two with the split-back design. This design lets one side stay upright while the other reclines. The futon also comes with two accent pillows, so sharing isn’t a big deal. Pick any colors from neutral to bold & colorful.


Faux Leather Convertible Futon w/ Cup Holders

Upgrade your in-house movie night with the faux leather convertible futon, which has split back design that transitions into 5 positions. Easily convert your futon to an oversized twin bed and rest your drink in the convenient cup holders attached to each side. The faux leather is crafted with detailed stitching and is easy to clean. This futon is perfect for entertaining guests and game days!

 Linen Futon Sofa 

Imagine this: a quiet yet comfortable home with warm tones, now if you could only find a sofa to nestle in. This curvilinear sleeper is perfect for any home because it’s versatile. The revolutionary split-back design will let you and your friends relax accordingly. The tapered, wooden legs keep this futon sleek and functional all at the same time.

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