Backyard Buying Guide | Ch. 1: Hammocks

Backyard Buying Guide | Ch. 1: Hammocks

Melissa Enciso

Picture the perfect outdoor oasis: lounging in a hammock with your favorite book as the cool breeze passes by. While we can’t control the weather, we can help you transform your backyard into the ultimate relaxation destination. Find the perfect lounger to meet your needs with our how-to shopping guide on hammocks and hammock stands. 

Best Choice Products Double Hammock With Stand


When you hear “hammock” you probably think of a cozy little cocoon you’d wrap up in on camping trips or beach getaways. While these loungers are the staple of any vacation, they also serve as the perfect addition to your backyard space.

This nostalgic hammock you’re thinking of is typically referred to as an inline hammock or a Brazilian hammock. Our collection of inline double hammocks has been designed to support up to 2 adults, so you can comfortably cuddle up with your favorite person. The main benefits of choosing an inline double hammock are their ease of transportation and body-conforming design. Our lineup of inline double hammocks is available as singular hammocks, hammocks with stands, and hammocks with media stands.  The inline double hammock is the perfect choice for anyone looking to bring classic comfort to their backyard.

best choice products double hammock with stand

best choice products double hammocks with stand

Best Choice Products Double Quilted Hammock


In addition to the inline design, quilted and rope hammocks are also quite popular. By utilizing a spreader bar for hanging, these hammocks’ designs create the optimal lounging experience for anyone looking to sunbathe or simply relax without being cloaked in cloth. Double quilted hammocks are best known for their flat bed and extra-padded cushioning. Like our inline double hammocks, our selection of quilted hammocks and rope hammocks also provide enough lounging room for two to enjoy. The innovative spreader bar frames make these hammocks a breeze to climb onto for cozy naps on the built-in pillow.

best choice products quilted double hammock

best choice products quilted double hammocks

Best Choice Products Hammock Chair


If you’re limited on space, or simply desire a unique alternative to traditional hammocks, our collection of hammock chairs may be just the thing. The weightless feel of a hammock combined with the functionality of a chair offer uncompromised style with personalized relaxation. These seats are great for both indoor and outdoor use and can be hung from one of our stands or attached to securely anchored hooks. To add instantaneous flair and personality to your outdoor space, our hammock chairs are the perfect choice.  

best choice products hammock chair

best choice products hammock chair


Any hammock is only as good as its stand. Make sure you choose the right stand for the hammock of your dreams, so you can get to relaxing A-S-A-P. We have a selection of stands perfect for all variations of our hammocks. For our Brazilian inline hammocks, we recommend using U-stands, which are available with or without built-in media stands. Our double spreader bar hammocks attach via carabiners and are more suitable for beam stands and arc stands. In addition to traditional hammock stands, we also feature hanging chair stands for our hammock chairs. Choose between our height-adjustable C-stand or our swivel C-stand for your desired lounging experience.

 Now that you know all about the variety of hammocks to choose from, it’s time to decide. Check out our full collection of hammocks and hammock chairs for a budget-friendly backyard addition.

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