Raised Gardening Bed with Plants and Flower for Homesteading and Gardening

Homesteading Basics: Top Must-Haves to Get Started

Homesteading Basics: Top Must-Haves to Get Started

We have all been told at least once to “stop and smell the roses.” While that phrase mainly serves as a metaphor which alludes to enjoying the smaller things in life, it could also be taken quite literally. Why not stop and smell the roses? Especially if you’re the one planting them? If you’re interested in homesteading, you’re in luck! The green thumb season is upon us. You may be wondering if homesteading is a viable option for you, depending on the location of your home. The good news is homesteading is all-around home friendly. City dwellers and country side natives alike; there are homesteading musts appropriate for all homes. Check out the hottest in homesteading.

Fits most homes and apartments


Raised Garden Bed for Homesteading

An Ergonomic Way To Homesteading

If you’re undecided about space or in between residences, the Rectangular Wood Garden Bed Planter Stand is a wise choice. This bed is designed with lots of room, so your plants can grow at their full potential. Crafted with Cedar wood, this planter stand will last throughout the seasons, and ideally fits the patio, porch, deck, or balcony. You won’t need any tools to build this stand, so assembly and disassembly will be hassle-free should the time for moving come! This garden stand is also ideal for ergonomic motion, so minimal bending is required when tending to your plants.

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For Large Homes

Greenhouse for Gardening and Homesteading

 A Spacious Greenhouse For Beginners

A beautiful garden must be protected on a regular basis, and if you have space to use – the Walk-In Tunnel Green House Tent will be the ultimate protection. The durable plastic will comfortably house your plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables from any outside disturbances. Roll-up windows also let you control the amount of sunlight and air that comes in, while a zippered door will let you easily access your greens whenever they need tending. This greenhouse is crafted to withstand any weather conditions, with heavy-duty plastic mesh and durable powder-coated steel tube frames. Make this a staple in your homesteading with guy ropes and stakes.

For Smaller Homes and Apartments

Mini greenhouse shelf for gardening and homesteading

Made for Space Conscious Homesteading

Not enough space for a walk-in greenhouse? Don’t fret homesteader! The 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse will keep your green thumb thriving. It’s crafted with powder-coated steel and a plastic cover, so maintenance is simple. The compact design makes this greenhouse an easy choice for apartments – balconies, patios, and other minimal spaces. 4 shelves give your city homesteading ample room to bloom. City weather can be quite the predicament, often varying on a day to day basis, but the polyethylene plastic will stay intact through seasons, rain or shine. The mini greenhouse lets any homesteader satisfy the need for gardening paradise.

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Chicken coop for homesteading

A Multi-Level Chicken Coop for Livestock

Homesteading is much more than planting greens. When you’re ready to take it to the next level, the Wooden Chicken Coop will really bring your homesteading to life. Your chickens will not only be comfortable, but they’ll also be safe. This coop comfortably houses 2-4 chickens or other small animals, such as roosters, rabbits, or ducks. Crafted with rainproof fir wood and metal wiring for ventilation, this coop is durable and long-lasting. Cleanup is hassle-free with easy access doors and locking systems. Feed your animals and collects eggs while they live a happy life every day!

Animal Hatch

 A Spacious Animal Hutch for Beginners

Another home option for your little residents is the 2-Story Rabbit Hutch which is designed for spacious lounging and running. Rabbits and other small animals can lead a healthy lifestyle without feeling crowded. A built-in ramp crafted with timber rides will avoid slipping upon walking to the next level. This hutch is also built with durable Fir wood, so your creatures can enjoy this home for years to come. The full hutch includes a living room, running area, and 2 easy access sliding pans for your convenience.

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