Christmas Decorating Ideas: How to Style an Insta-Worthy Home for the Holidays

Christmas Decorating Ideas: How to Style an Insta-Worthy Home for the Holidays

Melissa Enciso

Over the years, we’ve seen home decorating change drastically. With the introduction of social media and the affordability of high-quality décor, the home design bar has been raised. It can be intimidating to come up with something that keeps up with modern expectations of décor. Thankfully, our influencers got ahead of the game on their decorating and what they came up with blew us away.

Create a Lush Green Entrance Like Jen

The first step in decorating the home for the holidays is the front door. Not everyone will get to see the inside of your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spread some holiday cheer to friendly passersby. We love the festive, hearty look Jen from @jenbryantdesign came up with! She used our Pre-Lit Christmas Garland to frame her door for a lush look! What’s great about this garland is that it’s 9 feet long, which is plenty to frame your doorpost. And the pinecones and berries match beautifully with our Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Pathway Trees that Jen put in trendy striped flowerpots, for a clever contrasting touch.

Focus on Pine in the Living Room Like Amie

 Your living room is the heart of your holiday décor. It’s called a living room for a reason; it’s where life happens! Here, many holiday memories will be made that you will remember for years to come! Amie from @memehillstudio amazed us with the winter wonderland she created in her living room! She used two of our Pre-Lit Artificial Alpine Trees to elevate the pine-theme and stuck with a red and green color scheme that radiates holiday magic!

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Kalyn Chose Little Trees for a Little Helper 

Kalyn from @styleherstrong added a heartwarming perspective when she let little ones in on the decorating. Our Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Pathway Trees are the perfect size for this adorable children’s playhouse! And the trees come two in one set, perfect for the front door. Add a garland, some festive globes, and a Poinsettia to finish the look and voila, your children’s corner is holiday ready! 

Lyndsey Knows Pink Speaks for Itself

One of the most popular trends this year is to opt for a non-traditional Christmas tree. Lindsay from @lyndseydickerson chose our Pink Artificial Tinsel Tree for a divinely elegant look! The best way to decorate this tree is with white and silver, like Lindsey did. And with such a stand-out color, less is more. The tree can take the spotlight and speak for itself. 

Go Big Like Claire

Big living rooms deserve big trees. Claire from @rusticpigdesigns chose our Pre-Lit Instant Spruce Tree because it’s so easy to put up! It takes about five minutes to put up, plus, you don’t have to worry about stringing lights on a 12-foot pine giant. We love how she decorated with neutral colored globes and used golden ribbon that pops out for an elegant contrast.

Keep it Traditional like Amanda  

Trends come and go, but the classic Christmas look will never fade. The Pre-Lit Artificial Spruce is a classy tree with warm white lights for a dreamy look. Amanda from decorated hers with white and silver tinsel to give the tree a modern color scheme for an overall look that emanates simple holiday elegance. 

We want to thank these and other influencers and customers that have helped show off the best side of our holiday décor products by using their creativity to capture these moments. Thank you for allowing Best Choice Products to be a part of your holiday this season!

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