Intro to Zero Gravity Chairs

Intro to Zero Gravity Chairs

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Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be stiff and uncomfortable. Take backyard relaxation to an entirely new plane with our ergonomic zero gravity chairs! With countless styles and colors, your dream yard is just a few clicks away from becoming reality. Keep reading for our full-feature guide to zero-gravity chairs where we’ll discuss the 4 main variations on the hottest seat of the season.


Classic - Regular Zero Gravity Chairs

The traditional zero gravity chair has become a backyard staple across the nation. Designed to reduce the amount of pressure placed on the spine, the comfort these chairs provide is unparalleled. Zero gravity chairs are known for encouraging proper postural alignment and circulation. Whether you’re looking for lasting relief or overall relaxation, our zero gravity chairs are the perfect addition to any home. This classic foldable design boasts a removable pillow that’s perfect for napping, an optional adjustable canopy to help keep cool, and a detachable cup holder with media tray. Our timeless model can be purchased individually, or in sets, and is available in a multitude of colors.

Classic Zero Gravity Chair Colors & Styles Collage

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Extra-Wide Zero Gravity Chairs

For those who already love the classic zero gravity chair, we recommend these extra-wide and double occupancy styles. The extra-wide zero gravity chair provides a bit more wiggle room when lounging, while our double zero gravity chairs are specifically designed to comfortably support 2-people. Although these zero gravity chairs are larger, they fold flat just like the original to provide compact storage when not in use. Bring these models with you on camping trips or leave them out in the yard for continuous use all season; each one of our zero gravity chairs are made from UV-resistant mesh seating and durable steel to relieve you of the heavy burden of constant maintenance.

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Double & 2-Person Zero Gravity Chair Colors & Styles Collage

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Rocking Zero Gravity Chairs

If a regular recliner just isn’t enough, you can rock the boat with our rocking chair.  This variation is available as both chair or recliner so you can lounge however you see fit. Just like the classic, extra-wide, and 2-person zero gravity chairs, these rockers utilize supportive elastic bungee cords to evenly distribute weight and provide total relief & relaxation. Our rocking chair includes a built-in canopy to provide shade for lounging under the sun, while our rocking recliner features an angled footrest and adjustable locking mechanism to secure your favorite position.

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For a chair that’s truly out of this world, look no further than our orbital zero gravity chair. This modern and futuristic design puts a unique, fun, and fresh spin on our traditional style of zero gravity chairs. With its innovative ring frame and structured seat, the orbital zero gravity chair is able to boast the same support, comfort, and space-saving storage as the rest of our zero gravity collection. It has its own removable pillow and is available in a wide array of vibrant colors. If you’re looking for a seat that really breaks the mold, choose the zero gravity orbital.

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Save now on our vast selection of zero gravity chairs so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy summer in complete comfort. 

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