Modular Wicker: Patio Furniture That Moves with You

Modular Wicker: Patio Furniture That Moves with You

Melissa Enciso

A backyard oasis is much more important than we allow it to be. The comfort of your home is more often than not, regarded as to what happens inside your walls. We never consider enhancing the outline of our home. Patio furniture comes in many different styles and themes, but one thing has always held true – it serves as the narrative to your outdoor oasis. 

Take a look at your patio furniture right now; what does it say about you? Chances are, you purchased your patio furniture considering price, material, and size. You could have all those boxes checked off with one innovative new box waiting to change how you treat your patio furniture.

It’s time to invest in modular wicker.

 Modular furniture is built to move with you; adaptable, expandable, and even reversible. Wicker is an ideal choice because it’s comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, long-lasting. When you put these two together, it’s magic.

5-Piece Modular Wicker Sectional

 Consider the 5-Piece Modular Wicker Sectional Set. Ideal for smaller families and gatherings, this set completely separates for an arrangement that’s completely up to you! 5 comfortable seats fit together to create a sofa or separate to accommodate social events. Reach full potential with an L-shaped piece to bring everyone together, or separate chairs for comfortable spacing. The benefit of modular lies in its ability to change according to your needs. Lounge on comfortable padded cushions which have removable covers, so you can accommodate to the weather. This set comes with an easy-to-assemble ottoman and coffee table, so you have the perfect setting for any occasion. The weather-resistant wicker is made with a sturdy aluminum frame for an investment that lasts a lifetime. The strong tempered glass tabletop perfectly sits meals, drinks, and any games you & your party have in mind. You decide how to customize the shape for your space!

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7-Piece Modular Wicker Sectional

 When you’re ready to host a few more guests, enhance your look with the 7-Piece Modular Wicker Sectional Set. Let your creativity run a little wild with a set that includes two corner chairs and four single chairs for easy customization. You can enclose this set for a close ambience or extend one side for the classic L-shaped sectional. The options are truly multi-faceted so that your furniture adjusts to your guests and not the other way around! Ten seat clips secure chairs together when you want a complete sectional in one. This set also comes with a tempered glass tabletop which brings an inviting energy to any gathering. Comfortable padded cushions are protected by innovative cushion covers which are not only easy to clean but adjustable for a snug fit and padded handles for comfort. When you want to give your patio furniture a break, protect it with its accompanying storage bag!

It’s time to reimagine your space. Corner pieces can move to the left or right side, split seating is an option, and classic sectional looks are always possible. Whether you’re looking for an extension or compression of space, modular moves with you. Who knew being flexible could be so easy?

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