How to Choose the Perfect Ride-On Vehicle

How to Choose the Perfect Ride-On Vehicle

Melissa Enciso
Choosing the right present for children can be a challenge—especially when you have a seemingly endless list of options to choose from. That’s why we’ve created this guide to ride-ons to help you decide which vehicle is the perfect style and model for your little driver. Don’t fret whether a 12V truck or 6V motorcycle is better, we’ll answer all your questions (and more) in just a few short scrolls.

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Push-cars for Even Smaller Drivers

If your child loves cars but is even too small for their first 6V ride-on, our push-cars are the perfect choice. With styles ranging from luxury cars like Ferraris and Mercedes-Benz, to excavators, and a classic red car, your little one will be able to enjoy their favorite ride while you can enjoy the safety they provide.

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Sports Cars

It’s nice for your child to have a taste for the finer things in life, but when it comes to luxury vehicles, you’re better off buying them one now before they start asking for the real thing. Cater to your child’s love for shiny new toys with branded sports cars such as a Bentley EXP10, Mercedes-Benz S63 Coupe, and more! Our collection of officially licensed luxury vehicles is modeled after the life-size versions to serve as accurate, yet functional, replicas of your their ultimate dream car. These cars are built complete with working audio systems, and branded emblems! If your child wants the best and won’t settle for anything less, our collection of sports cars is the way to go.

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Trucks & SUV's

When your little one likes to play, they like to play hard. They need a vehicle that’s tough enough to handle any playtime adventure—and that’s where these trucks & SUV’s come in! With treaded tires and a wide-frame, these cars are built to explore. In addition to our classic trucks, you can choose from a police vehicle or ambulance, so your child can play pretend as their real-life heroes.

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MotorcyclesATV's, & Go-Karts

Cars and trucks aren’t for everyone. If your little one prefers the freedom of zipping through the backyard with the wind blowing through their hair, you should check out our collection of alternate vehicles. BCP’s selection of quads, motorcycles, and go-karts are perfect for even the tiniest daredevils. Most boast the same features as the cars with working radios, MP3 players, and LED lights, to provide a just as exciting riding experience. 

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6V Vehicles for Little Ones

While most of BCP’s ride-ons are powered by a 12V battery, there is another option for smaller drivers. The 6V ride-on is perfect for any child with a need for speed that wants to experience all the fun and excitement of a ride-on. If you’re debating between a 12V and 6V ride-on, simply look at the specs on each model to decide which speed and weight capacity is best for your little one.  

Now that you know the different ride-ons to choose from, which vehicle will your child be cruising around in? Comment your favorite, or your child’s favorite, vehicle below!

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