Trends to Look Forward to in 2020: 4 Ways to Decorate an Apartment

Trends to Look Forward to in 2020: 4 Ways to Decorate an Apartment

Melissa Enciso

Many small families and millennials have been purchasing apartments and small homes in the last few years. But how do you keep up with new styles without crowding your apartment? Here are some 2020 trends to watch that are especially helpful for your small space.

Maximize Living Spaces

One trend you will be seeing more of is multi-purpose spaces. The L-Shape Sofa Set comes with a matching ottoman bench that transforms into a large lounger. Just push the ottoman against the sofa and you’ve got extra sleeping space! It comes in both black and white, perfect for that high contrast look that’s predicted to be in this year.

Decorate with Vintage Accents

Rumors have it that the new popular style is to add touches of vintage around the house. The chic, wooden Mid-Century Retro Accent Table is built with textured wood and slanted legs for a vintage nod. And with its open storage design, it’s the perfect furniture for small space use.

No Central Heating or AC? No problem!

In this past decade, many people sacrificed their comfort attempting aesthetic perfection. Thankfully, practicality is back in style. Our 4-1 Portable Air Conditioner and Heater Unit is small and easy to maintain in a small space. And it can dehumidify the air, keeping your family safe from mold and allergens.

Decluttering is Still In

Unique and simple organization ideas have been a strong trend in the last few years, and they aren’t going away. To condense space, buy a full-length wall mirror with storage, like the Mirror Jewelry Armoire that’s easily mountable on a door or wall. The inside has lots of storage compartments and makeup organizer drawers.

This goes for pet supplies as well. Nobody likes to see a cat litter lying around. Hidden cat litter boxes are discreet and multifunctional. The Wooden Cat Litter Box Side Table has plenty of space on its tabletop for your things, a hideout litter area for your furry diva, and even a large magazine rack on the side. This cat litter box furniture not only organizes well but also looks great in many rooms, in either white or grey variations.

Now that you’ve read some tips on decorating trends to look for, we want to hear your thoughts! What trends are you hoping to see this new year?

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