Staff Picks to a Perfect Mother’s Day

Staff Picks to a Perfect Mother’s Day

Melissa Enciso

A mother’s love is never lost, it’s never forgotten. That’s why every year, on a very special day, we show love to the women who shaped us. To help prepare & inspire you, we’ve teamed up with our Category Managers as they pick their favorite BCP items to gift to the women who raised us!

We put down the flowers, jewelry pieces, endearing greeting cards, and replaced them with products your mom can actually enjoy for years to come. We invite you to take a look at some of the best gifts that you can surprise the most important woman in the world with.

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Kettlebell Weights

Moms Who Work Out: Set of 3 Kettlebell Weights

For the healthy & fit mom who can’t get enough of her work out routine, this Kettlebell Set is the perfect gift! This complete set includes three kettlebells in different weights: 5, 10, and 15 pounds. This is great for any mom who’s starting out or continuing her fitness journey. A change in weights offers a wide range of exercises to target all muscles of the body. Easily lift with a wide, ergonomic grip that allows for seamless movement. An included base rack makes sure kettlebells stay in place and remain organized. Crafted with durable HDPE to ensure quality workouts for years to come.

Hammock on an Arc Stand

Moms Who Need an Upgrade in Relaxation: Arc Stand with Cotton Hammock

There’s no question that the hardest working women in the world are mothers. More often than not, they’re balancing a life that most would find incredibly stressful. Why not address her stress with an Arc Hammock Stand? This hammock is made of durable quilted cotton fabric and a varnish-coated pine wood stand for absolute modern elegance. Its sturdy suspension rings will ensure this hammock remains a routine part of mom’s afternoon schedule. Hammocks are also a great addition to improving health! Hammocks have shown to not only reduce stress, but improve sleep, boost blood circulation, aid muscle aches, and even heightens overall focus. With so many pros, this hammock is an easy choice!

Mom and daughter baking cupcakes with stand mixer

Moms Who Have a Sweet Tooth: Stainless Steel Stand Mixer 

There’s nothing that tastes better than a homemade dessert. Whether it be cookies, cupcakes, or apple pie, there’s a certain taste when baked goods are made with love. For the mom who genuinely enjoys the process, we recommend the 6-Speed Stainless Steel Stand Mixer. Equipped with a whisk, flat beater, and dough hook, the possibilities to reach delectable bliss is endless. Its’ stainless-steel design will easily elevate the look of kitchen décor. Accompanying this stand mixer is a variety of features like a splatter guard and silicone bowl scraper spatula to make baking easy and fun.


Pet cat in a pet backpack

Moms Who Love Their Pets as Much as They Love You: Window Pet Carrier 

We’re totally kidding by the way. If your mom does happen to have quite the affinity for furry and fluffy friends, give her something to carry her little ones with! The Bubble Window Pet Carrier is the perfect way to carry cats, dogs, and other small animals around town. This backpack is not only convenient, but safe for pets. Completely enclosed for safety, the carrier is very breathable, with ample air holes and mesh fabric. Pets can look out from their window while you explore the outdoors. Your mom and her furry friend can take hikes, explore gardens, and travel anywhere.

Vanity mirror on a tabletop

Moms Who Like to Look Their Best: Smart Touch Vanity Mirror 

 If your mom evokes the classic phrase, “look good, feel good,” she’ll love the Smart Touch Vanity Mirror. This lighted mirror is framed with 12 warm LED lights, so no matter what the natural light brings, she’ll have a proper set up. She’ll be able to use its 360-degree rotation to make sure her foundation is even, and her blush is bright! Designed with smart touch buttons, the left button adjusts brightness, and the middle button turns lights on and off. The lightweight design means easy travels from room to room, and durable plastic gives it long-lasting capability.

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