By the Room: Going Natural with Storage Solutions

By the Room: Going Natural with Storage Solutions

Melissa Enciso

Keeping a tidy home is no easy task, especially if you’re running around with little ones, working remotely, or having company over. The new year trend is all about self-storage, opting for home solutions instead of public storage units that aren’t as convenient. This year, we’ve kept our eyes on trending styles, and natural materials are making a serious comeback. There are plenty of ways to cleverly declutter a home full of activities and memories, and we’re going room by room to go over our favorite options for the organizing season!


Most of us utilize our living room more than any other room; with so much traffic between who lives at home and who comes over, it’s important to keep the space functional and clear of clutter. One of our favorite picks this season is our newest 2-Door Storage Cabinet, mostly because it fits anywhere! Place it by your entryway, a spacious hallway, or any other walkway.

 2-Door Storage Cabinet Accent Furniture for Living Room w/ Foot Pads

This contemporary design features crisp, clean lines that partner up with elements like 100% natural rattan for a universal look. We’re confident this cabinet wins the eye test, so let’s talk about its function; our developers designed this cabinet to hold up to 165 pounds, built with an internal shelf so you can neatly organize any items that don’t need the limelight. Plus, you can easily clean underneath with an elevated leg space that’s robo-vac friendly!


You don’t have to be a professional chef or foodie to make the most out of your kitchen; organization essentials can truly contribute to the fun you have while baking, roasting, and all other cooking verbs you can think of! We can’t think of a better organization solution than our Pantry Baskets, made of 100% natural handwoven water hyacinth and designed to hold up to 15 pounds so you can get a jumpstart on your kitchen needs.

 Set of 4 Water Hyacinth Pantry Baskets w/ Chalkboard, Marker

Not to brag, but these baskets don’t have to solely exist behind closed doors, the included chalkboard label & marker give you the opportunity to add a personal touch to your kitchen countertop if you wish! Huge space savers and multipurpose must-haves, these baskets are the perfect addition; did we say they come in a set of 4?


Bedrooms are truly a haven, unique to every individual and often they exist as multifunctional spaces. Whether you’re doubling up your room as a workspace, DIY space, or staying true to the restful nature of a bedroom, this basket provides multipurpose uses, even as a plant basket. We’re staying on the all-natural train with our Hyacinth Storage Tote Basket, an aesthetically universal and ecofriendly way to organize your bedroom. Carry supplies around the house with ease or top the basket with the included lid and use as an extra seat!

Vintage Hyacinth Storage Tote Basket, Organizer w/ Lid

Functional and beautiful, this 100% natural surface adds authenticity and relaxing vibes to any bedroom look. Metal wiring supports the weight of heavier items, able to store up to 35 pounds of storage or 222 pounds of seating. What we love about this storage basket is it can really exist in any room of your home, including kid’s rooms to store toys!


One room we don’t want to leave out when keeping things organized and clean is our bathroom. Let’s not take the space for granted; we brush our teeth, clean our face, take showers, and well-deserved luxury baths when we have the time. This space can easily become disorganized and messy, and you don’t want the visual mess to turn into a smelly one! Our customers have plenty of positive things to say about our Extra Large Hamper Basket, the unsung hero of organization for clothes.

Extra Large Water Hyacinth Double Laundry Hamper Basket w/ 2 Liner Bags

Crafted with 100% natural handwoven hyacinth and able to hold 4 loads of laundry, this hamper keeps aesthetic and function at an even balance. Separate colors and whites with 2 cotton canvas liners (machine-washable by the way) and use the included hamper cover to keep things tidy. Bounce from room to room with designed side handles that provide ease while cleaning up!

Are you ready to start your organization refresh?

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