Summer Survival | Explore the Great Outdoors

Summer Survival | Explore the Great Outdoors

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Summer break has officially begun, and with it: camping season. Whether you’re an avid adventurer with a go-to spot or a first-time camper looking for guidance, we’ll help you plan the perfect camping trip to meet your needs. Our collection of camping and outdoor supplies is designed to accommodate any type of outdoor adventure, from camping in your backyard to off-the-grid escapes.

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Every campsite needs a campfire, but today’s fire pits spark the endlessly debated question: propane or wood-burning. Each have their benefits and neither one is better than the other; it all just depends on what you’re looking for.


Propane fire pits are the perfect solution for anyone who can’t stand the smoky-smell of traditional fires. They’re easier to both start & manage, and they eliminate the constant struggle of finding and hauling firewood. Since these fire pits are propane-powered, they often can bypass wood-burning fire restrictions that many campsites have (but still check-in with your site before you ignite). If you’re looking to bring a propane pit with you on your next camping trip, we recommend this portable 19-inch fire pit. Not only does it exude the rustic and convenient camping design, it’s lightweight so you can bring it with you anywhere! If you want a more permanent propane fire pit for your backyard camping experience, the faux-stone fire pit is styled complement your yard’s décor so you can keep it out for everyday use.

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You can never go wrong with a classic. Traditional fire pits are perfect for anyone looking to recreate an authentic camping experience at home. Our wood-burning fire pits range from rustic to contemporary and are perfectly suited for any style of backyard or any themed occasion. Most of our fire pits include covers for protection from the elements when not in use as well as filters or screens to help prevent ashes and rogue cinders from escaping the hearth. These fire pits are essential for recreating childhood memories of roasting marshmallows at camp.


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Camping is all about making do with the bare minimum. Any supplies brought along should be easy to transport to and from your campsite and need to serve a purpose. You can always go the route of the traditional camping chair, however, we love the convenience that backpack folding chairs provide. They’re lightweight, available in multiple vibrant colors such as pink or blue, and even can be purchased as reclining loungers! These chairs are by far the easiest to bring, but if you’re looking for a multi-functional set to maximize your space, you’ll want one of these double folding chairs. They feature a built-in cooler strategically placed between the two seats and a matching umbrella to keep you protected from the sun. It’s the ideal chair for any beach, mountain, block party, or tailgating event. If you’re looking to bring comfort back to the campsite, check out our collection of zero gravity chairs! We have countless styles and colors to help make your camping experience exactly what you want. 

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If your taking on the outdoors, you need a sleeping bag that’s built for the job. We offer two varieties of sleeping bags, each designed specifically for the camping experience you choose. For those creating their own campsite at home, we recommend opting for our two-person sleeping bag.  It’s perfect for cuddling with loved ones and leaves plenty of room for any favorite blankets or required night-time buddies (you can’t forget teddy!).

Camping in the woods or desert will require sleeping bags like our rectangular sleeping bag that can retain heat and keep you comfortable all-night long. This model has been designed to help you endure even some of the coldest nights. You can rest at ease knowing that you and your family will be cozier than a bear during hibernation.

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It feels great to spend time soaking up the sun, but when your weekend is outdoors-only, it’s important to take a break in the shade. Our canopies are designed with travel in mind and are perfect for camping at home or out in the woods. Each canopy comes with its own carrying case to help lighten your load and boasts an easy-to-use pop-up mechanism for setup in seconds. Choose between multiple colors of open-air canopies like the one above or opt for more private canopies with detachable walls. These versatile shades are great for both food preparation and as a convenient way to keep cool on sunnier days.

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