The Spring List: Worthy Products for the Season

The Spring List: Worthy Products for the Season

The Spring List: Worthy Products for the Season

The Spring season is upon us, and what better way to invite florals and sunshine than with new and helpful accessories and décor? Whether you’re hosting your first dinner party in your newly decorated backyard garden or sprucing up the living room for more book club meetings – Spring gives us a breath of fresh air. It’s a season to be celebrated; rainbows drop in, the days are longer, and there’s a certain je ne s’ais quois about blooming flowers after the rain.


A Little More Modernity: 8-in-1 Digital Non-Stick Air Fryer

This air fryer holds a little more for big hosting events or a hearty family meal. On top of that, you get all the benefits of a compact air fryer, just in a bigger space! Pack 4.2 quarts worth of food and enhance your recipes with a non-stick baking pan, rack, and tongs. The easy display and digital controls are perfect kitchen assistants to maintain precise temperatures and time sets so your food is always prepared the way you like. Choose from 8 different presets for varying foods like fries, meats, vegetables, and even dessert. That’s right, you can bake your favorites! Rapid air technology circulates at 1350 watts of power. Just like the first air fryer, we help prepare you for the fun you’ll have – with included recipes to get you started. Choose from a retro seafoam blue or modern black to fit your kitchen décor!

Spring Colors Year Round: Set of 3 Decorative Ceramic Vases 

The Spring season is full of vibrancy, and what better way to showcase your lively décor than with a set of 3 bright decorative vases? In a calming hue of blue, green, and orange, this set can turn your living room into an inviting oasis. Arrange them together or separately to fit your space and theme. Aside from being decorative, they’re also functional. Add life by filling your vases with your favorite flowers and create an unforgettable vibe for your Spring décor. Ideally sized and crafted, these vases fit on most coffee tables, countertops, shelves, and even windowsills. Invest in a reusable décor piece; crafted with durable ceramic to withstand stains and corrosion.

Bohemian Vibes: 2-Person Quilted Double Hammock 

If you prefer to lounge around in true bohemian style, the 2-person quilted double hammock is the perfect addition to any patio. Its classic design comes in a variety of patterns to choose from. Crafted with soft cotton for a plush, quilted feel every time. A detachable pillow encourages afternoon naps when needed, [we’ll keep it quiet]. This hammock is great for couples and roommates alike, fitting up to two people while maintaining stability. Wooden spreader bars provide a flat bed surface if you feel like dozing off under the stars. Leaving on vacation? Take the hammock with you in a convenient carrying case and you’ll have a little piece of home with you. Snuggle up, doze off, or simply lounge while the outdoor breeze waves over!

Oh my macramé!: Indoor & Outdoor Cotton Macramé Hammock 

Looking for a little more sway to your leisure time? Look no further, macramé is here to change your life. This 100% handmade cotton hammock is finely crafted with durable rope in macramé knotting techniques. Both stable and lightweight, this hammock conveniently hangs in either indoor or outdoor environments, allowing you to choose your ideal setting year-round. Use it as a decorative centerpiece or inviting lounger when company stops by. The patterned net is also coupled with hanging fringe tassels for an enhanced modern look to your super relaxed vibe. Ready for the best part? No assembly required, which means you’re an online order away from absolute bliss.

Flowers in Spring: Raised Wood Garden Bed Stand 

Let’s be honest, Spring isn’t the same without a few blooming flowers in the home. Plant your favorites in an ergonomically designed wood garden bed! Ideal for smaller homes and apartments, your plants and other greens will have plenty of space to grow. The Cedar wood ensures durability for all seasons and both indoor/outdoor use. Standing at 30 inches tall, the ergonomic design is crafted for those who have trouble bending down to water plants and flowers. Whether in the patio, garden, or personal greenhouse, this bed stand gives any and every home a bright touch! Bonus points: you don’t need any tools to build this garden stand.

New Housemates: 2-Story Rabbit Hutch 

Furry friends are always a welcome addition to the family. If you currently do or plan on bringing in some furry friends, the 2-story rabbit hutch will give your new house members a comfortable place to call home. Designed with a living room for lounging and a running area for backyard shenanigans, this hutch provides your friends with space for a healthy lifestyle. They’ll reach the second story on a built-in ramp which is slip-free. A durable Fir wood design makes this home a safe, reliable choice for your new family members. When it’s time for house cleaning, simply access the 2 sliding pans for easy maintenance.

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