This is How Gardening Can Improve Your Health

This is How Gardening Can Improve Your Health

Melissa Enciso

We’re all guilty of it.

 If you’re anything like the average, modern person, chances are you spend a lot of time sitting down and being indoors. And, hey, we don’t blame you! But it’s no secret that this is no healthy way to live.

What if we told you that by gardening, you could mitigate much of the negative effects of a modern life? What if we told you that we have worked, with you in mind, to build a set of products to you do just that?

Read on and see:

Increase Physical Activity with Outdoor Movement

Keeping a garden will add movement back into your routine as you dig, water, prune, and even sweat a bit.

There are many different types of gardening; you can grow flowers, vegetables, herbs, and even trees. Whatever you decide to grow, BCP produces a Potting Bench can help you take your first steps! This elevated products features a dry sink to mix soil, and the sliding tabletop to pot flowers. You can also use its mounting hooks and shelves to store all your gardening tools in one neat station.

Whatever way you decide to begin your adventures in gardening, you will be getting more exposure to the sun - your best source of vitamin D!

Sunny vitamin D is known to improve bone health and help you combat diseases. But believe it or not, it also regulates insulin, helping prevent type-1 diabetes! Just keep in mind that when it comes to sun exposure, moderation is key!

One great way to start a garden is with one of BCP's Mobile Raised Garden Planters. We place a waist-high garden bed on a set of locking wheels, so our customers don't have to deal with the strain of bending, kneeling, or moving their plants from place to place. It’s the perfect size to begin a small garden, and best of all it doesn’t require bending or kneeling, making it a perfect fit for those with back problems. And more so, it’s got lockable wheels so it can be conveniently moved wherever you like.

Grow Healthy, Eat Healthy

You know what they say; you reap what you sow.

If you grow your own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and legumes, you are more likely to eat a nutrient-rich meal which adds energy back into your life.

Not to mention you can rest assured knowing how your food is grown without wondering what’s been sprayed on your veggies. It also helps to know exactly where your veggies were grown. Even when gardening in the soil at your home, most people are unaware of the various elements and excesses there. Nitrates, potassium, and other substances may leach into the soil and affect the health of your plants. The threat of that is gone with an elevated bed! Best Choice Products uses non-reactive, powder-coated steel to keep rust from polluting your soil and keep your flowers healthy in a private enclosure.

A Garden Bed Planter is a wonderful way to organize your garden. You can separate your herbs from your tomatoes so you can best care for each according to its need.

Recharge Your Mind

Taking a break from a mundane, media-centered routine and being out in nature can work wonders for an overstimulated mind. Studies have even linked gardening to a reduction in depression and anxiety, as well as dementia!

In fact, it’s so effective that many hospitals have implemented onsite gardening as part of mental health therapy.

Being outside, feeling the sun on your skin, hearing birds chirping, and seeing real-life can relieve a lot of stress and generate a new sense of being present and alive.

Adding a Bird Feeding Station to your garden is a great way to attract birds to your hobby space; their peaceful sound will further help you recharge and reset your mind.

We won’t judge you if you get a little creative with your outdoor haven either! You can plant carnations and daisies in Wood Garden Planters and grow a beautiful main feature in our Rustic Garden Wishing Well Planter.

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