Top Summer Toys For Kids (and Kids at Heart)

Top Summer Toys For Kids (and Kids at Heart)

Melissa Enciso

With the season of sun upon us, there’s no better time to start prepping for the ultimate Summer. For a season that is all about being outdoors and enjoying what nature has to offer, it’s important to map out how you’ll be spending your time. Of course, the beach will be involved at some point, and there will definitely be lots of ice cream. But how do you make sure a six-year-old is having the same amount of fun as a twenty-three-year-old?

Lucky for you, we specialize in family fun! Check out the coolest and hottest toys for the Summer, guaranteed to be tons of fun for both the kids, and the not so little kids.

Everyone Likes to Play with Lasers

Laser Tag Blasters to be exact, are the hottest toys in outdoor fun. Laser Tag Blasters combine the tradition of Tag with the outdoor modernity of toy guns. This set of 4 is perfect for mom, dad, and two little ones, but we won’t tell you who to recruit! Immerse yourself in a world of creativity as you run around your backyard or local park trying to emerge victorious. The infrared pistol blaster has a 130ft shooting range, and futuristic sound effects to spark the competitive spirit of battle! Parents and kids can choose from 4 different blaster settings, so everyone has a personal blaster. Life indicators are shown on the pistol and included vests! A simple game of laser tag blaster is sure to bring any adult back to their younger years, and the little ones will enjoy it just the same.

Sporty in Summer

When there isn’t any rain to get in the way of your game, take advantage of the Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop. Inspire the competitive spirit in young ones and re-ignite the spirit in adults while you test your skills! A basketball hoop is great for both kids and adults, with a hoop that can adjust between 6.5 feet to 8 feet, it’s perfect for anyone to learn or improve on their skills. The base has 2 built-in wheels, so you can take a piece of Summer from the backyard to the local park. This high-quality design makes it a great item for many Summer’s to come.

How Will Your Luck Treat You?

For a game that tests the limits of lady luck and is a great educational tool, take the Set of 6 Giant Wooden Playing Dice for a roll. This dice game is perfect for adults and kiddos alike. Adults can come up with special combo rules and stipulations, while the kiddos can learn basic math and have fun with their own rules! This jumbo die is great for kids to play with, and you won’t have to worry about losing a piece.

Accuracy is Key

For a relaxing day in the clear skies, the full-size wood Cornhole Set includes everyone in the family to play. The game is easy to learn and even more fun to enjoy! This set comes complete with 4 all-weather beanbags per team for a full 8, and two cornhole targets. The beanbags are made with all-weather polyester, so this one-time buy is sure to entertain for years to come. The cornhole set sits perfectly in any outdoor setting: front yard, backyard, park, party, and even on a well-lit Summer evening. This game is safe, entertaining, and an overall ideal way to spend the day together.

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