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Backyard Buying Guide | Ch. 3: Umbrellas & Umbrella Stands

Melissa Enciso

The patio’s always cooler on the shady side. Find the perfect outdoor umbrella for your space with our breakdown of all things umbrella. Learn the best styles, shapes, sizes, and features for you and your family’s needs. Open up your backyard to a new patio umbrella for comfortable coverage all season long.

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Umbrella & Umbrella Stands Buying Guide

Market Umbrellas

One of the most well-known styles of outdoor umbrellas is called market umbrellas. This signature style features a classic straight-lined canopy with typically 7-8 ribs and a top air vent to promote consistent cooling and air circulation. Our entire collection of market umbrellas is tilt-adjustable, so you can fix your canopy appropriately as the sun moves throughout the day.

Download your Market Umbrella Instruction Manual here.

You don’t have to have a huge yard to enjoy cool shade. For smaller areas and balconies, consider a half-sized market umbrella. Crafted with space-saving design in mind, these shades can be placed flush against a wall to provide maximum coverage no matter the location. Make the most of any space with a half umbrella.

Umbrellas & Umbrella Stands Buying Guides

Offset Umbrellas

If you’re looking for coverage for a large space without having to worry about placing an umbrella pole in the middle of your party, an offset umbrella is the best choice. Also called cantilever umbrellas, these canopies utilize an overreaching shade to cover areas typically within 9-13 feet. By removing the obstructive center pole, you can place these umbrellas behind patio furniture for a cool, uncompromised shade.

Download your Patio Offset Umbrella Instruction Manual here.

Umbrellas & Umbrella Stands Buying Guide

Solar LED &USB charging Umbrellas

Add some pizzazz to your patio with LED lights. These LED lights are solar powered and charge during the day while providing you complete coverage, keeping your patio cool & shady all afternoon until it’s time to light up the night after the sun goes down. An additional feature available is the USB charging bank. Simply plug in your power cord and device to replenish your phone, speaker, or other USB-powered accessories through your umbrella! Our LED light umbrellas are available in both market & offset designs. 

Download your LED Umbrella Instruction Manual here.

Umbrella Stands Buying Guide

Umbrella Stands & Bases

While you may have made your decision on what type and size umbrella shade you want, you're still going to need the finest in accessories. Regardless of which style or size umbrella you choose, you will need an umbrella stand to support the shade you desire. Choose between various decorative shapes and patterns such as rounded wicker to square checkerboard lattice. We also offer umbrella stands specifically designed for half-umbrellas and 4-piece bases for offset umbrellas.

Don’t let the sun prevent you from enjoying your backyard to the fullest. Save now on the ideal outdoor umbrella for any patio or garden.

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