Voted Most Popular: Instruments 101

Voted Most Popular: Instruments 101

Melissa Enciso

Learning how to play an instrument is no easy task. It takes dedication and a committed mind to learn the ins and outs of your instrument. A strong love of music is also highly encouraged! Playing music is a wonderful method of merging a creative activity with an educational purpose. Playing a musical instrument requires both sides of the brain to work together, teaching us a lot about patience, hand-eye coordination, memory skills, and overall retention.

To help your search for the ideal instrument that best identifies with your personality and rock star persona, we’re going to break down BCP’s musical instrument collection.

Rock Stars Get Guitars

Guitar Musical Instrument Kit

For the standout personality who craves the stage (don’t be afraid to raise your hand), the classic guitar never goes out of style, and for good reason. Ballads and rock anthems alike, all begin with a guitar. Whether you’re strumming along for a loved one or encouraging everyone to jump up & down, the guitar fits all occasions.

Starters will love the fully equipped 38-inch Acoustic Guitar Musical Instrument Kit. This set is ready to play, with an all-wood body to deliver a full-bodied sound and 19 frets over a smooth finish. The classic guitar body makes this an ideal learning base for guitar players. This set also comes ready for any needed changes – guitar picks, shoulder straps, pitch pipe, digital tuner, and an extra set of six strings. Use the nylon carrying case so you can take your music everywhere you go.

All guitars in our collection come fully equipped and in a variety of colors so you can personalize your style. Choose from acoustic, electric, and even ukuleles.

Create Melodies on Keyboard Pianos

Electronic keyboard Piano Set

For the humble creator, pianos & keyboards offer a modest beauty that not many instruments can offer. What makes the piano even more beautiful is that it is quite possibly the most versatile of all instruments – play it under a pop song, over a slow ballad, or as a classic solo. The piano is the great conduit for cultivating the most creative minds.

The best place to start your journey to melodic bliss is with the 61-Key Beginner Keyboard Piano Set. This helpful set is the ultimate starter kit because it comes with different learning modes. You can formulate your very own symphony with 61 keys, timbres and rhythms, demo songs, and percussion types. The three teaching modes allow you to practice at your own speed and steadily progress. It is also compatible with USBs up to 32 GB so you can also learn while following along to your favorite artists. An LCD display also makes it easy to navigate through all the keyboard’s functions.

There’s no better place to start than with a BCP Keyboard Piano.

Hardcore Hits with Drums & Percussion

Foldable Electronic Drum set

When you’re in search of really feeling the music behind you and within you, drums & percussion hit the spot because they’re the backbone of any great rock song. Plus, playing the drums is a great way to stay in shape! You can burn an average of 270 calories in half an hour. Drummers are usually the most patient and adaptable of musicians. Keeping time is very important as well.

Invest in your hard-hitting persona with the Foldable Electronic Drum Set which is not only able to roll-up, it’s also portable! This drum kit has all the sounds of a real drum set: snare, toms, cymbals, and more. You can begin your journey by recording and dancing beats as well as cadences to practice with. Plug into your computer with a USB MIDI connection and easily adjust the volume on built-in speakers so you can practice without interrupting your creative flow.

Take your beats on the go with a Foldable Electronic Drum Set from BCP.

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