#WellnessWednesday: Power Couples' Fitness Edition

#WellnessWednesday: Power Couples' Fitness Edition

Melissa Enciso

They say that it’s important to have a solid support system behind you whenever change is evident. There is no more self-evident change than making the decision to live an active lifestyle. Introducing fitness can leave you feeling apprehensive about where to start, how to start, and whether you’re taking the right steps. When you have someone at your side to help motivate you and inspire your goals – an active lifestyle becomes much more of an attainable conquest. While you shop for an upcoming day of sweetness, consider celebrating lover's day with #wellnesswednesday. 

Affordable Fitness Must-Haves You'll Need To Get Started Together

To celebrate, we’re showing off a little of our fitness collection to show you how dream teams are made. It’s time for you & your special someone to turn heads as a power couple! Here’s how you get started.

Reverse Lunge w/ Medicine Ball

This exercise is great for all muscle groups in your body. Medicine balls are perfect for partner workouts because you can pass them back and forth. The exercise is a great start for any level. Instead of lunging forward as with normal lunges, you’ll lunge backwards with one leg while passing the medicine ball back and forth with your partner.

Lying Leg Throw-Down 

Abs and legs are one of the top most targeted areas of the body, and it’s no wonder they’re often quite the challenge. When you introduce a partner to your workout, any hurdle is easy to overcome! Lay with your back on the floor, and your head between your partner’s feet. You’ll want to comfortably lay on a yoga mat for this exercise mat. Hold your partner’s ankles or calves and being to raise your legs toward them.

Your partner should then push them down as hard as you’re able to take – this will challenge you to pop back up without letting your heels hit the ground. Make sure your partner knows your limits!

 Kettlebell Reps 

Strength training is important on the road to healthy living. The fun thing about working out with a partner is you motivate one another to push just a little further. Kettlebell strength training is the perfect opportunity to motivate one another.

Standing side by side, perform your reps while motivating each other. Encouraging words help, and even healthy competition is recommended! You could also opt to face each other for an increase in motivation!


His & Her’s Bosu Set – Tricep Kickbacks/Squat Seesaw

Pick your color & hold each other accountable! This bosu set comes with its’ own pump and two resistance bands. Start your workout with a set of push-ups on your bosu ball. Once you’ve caught your breath, take the resistance bands and kickback with a tricep workout! Tricep kickbacks are great for developing arm strength and increasing overall motion.

Stand facing each other with your knees at a slight blend and your hips back to engage your core. You and your partner will each hold one side of the resistance band. Each partner holds one side with the opposite hand, so if you’re holding with your right hand, your partner should be using his/her left hand. Hinge slightly toward each other from the waist and begin to bend and extend your arm away from your partner. Repeat this set with your other hands.

Now that you’ve given your arms a workout, finish with a seesaw exercise designed to work out the entire body with the squat seesaw. Using those resistance bands, face one another while holding on to each end. One partner will stand tall with arms extended overhead while the other pulls down between their legs with straight arms and goes into a squat position. This exercise targets all core muscles and nearly every upper- and lower-body muscle. Alternate between standing and squatting, pulling the band in a seesaw motion.

Choose your speed, your level, and your goal! We’re here to help you along the way.

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