Christmas Instant Setup Trees

Closer to Christmas: Instant Setup Trees

Melissa Enciso

Could it be? It’s an early holiday miracle, with the arrival of Instant Setup Christmas Trees! A new, convenient way to save time during the most festive time of the year is coming your way. We’re too excited to wait, so here’s the inside scoop on the biggest holiday home décor innovation of the year.

Instant Setup 

How to Setup Christmas Trees

The instant setup means that your Christmas tree delivers as a beautiful centerpiece without taking an entire day to build! Save time by skipping on the fluffing process; branches are crafted with memory wire to spring into shape. This eliminates the need for shaping & fluffing each branch tip. Your artificial tree won’t give out when the season is over, which means you’re able to keep your tree as home décor for as long as you like!

Don’t worry about power cords running through the home either – instant power technology means the power sits within the pole of the tree. The power pole avoids the unfavorable look of cords around the tree. Assembly is minimal, which means you’re that much closer to a bright holiday! Effortless setup, maintenance, and take-down is a Winter dream come true. 

Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees

The Benefit of Going Artificial 

Artificial trees are undoubtedly the smart investment for those who celebrate year in and year out. There’s nothing “fake” about the joy and convenience that an artificial tree brings! Additional benefits of an artificial tree include being allergy friendly, easy to set up, and long lasting! Who doesn’t want that? 

They’re also a great alternative to the expenses that a live tree will bring. Along with all BCP’s artificial trees, these instant setup trees are composed of flame-resistant materials, which means they aren’t prone to spontaneous combustion. Live tries also pose a threat to ornaments and decorations; as your live tree begins to give out, its branches will lose strength and your holiday decorations may fall and break.

We Listened to You 

We’re tuning in to what’s most helpful to you! This is why we’ve handpicked these trees for your holiday, building from the ground-up as always. For added convenience, these trees are pre-lit, with tips ranging from 1,300 to over 4,000 depending on the size. The instant setup feature was most important to us, because there’s nothing that proclaims “holiday” like a finished tree! We’ve priced and built these Christmas trees to save you the hassle of searching for an alternative.

If you’re looking for a true conversation starter, one that will blow all other holiday parties out of the water, may we recommend our last variation? We’re quite proud of it, and we think you’ll enjoy it. 

Get your Tabletop Christmas Tree from Best Choice Products today! Also our mini Ceramic Halloween Tree and Hand Painted Ceramic Christmas Tree is the perfect addition to your holiday decor which is beautifully hand-painted and finished with a smooth gloss.

It’s going to be a happy holiday indeed.

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