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Seasonal Style Showcase

Contest Rules

We want to see how you use our seasonal items to create a contemporary holiday look! Get creative with our Christmas trees and winter holiday decor while unleashing your inner photographer. Feature our product in your photo and attach it to a review on the item’s product page. 

 Don’t forget to tag #BCPHolidays in the review so we can find your submission.

10 winners will be selected and receive a BCP credit ranging from $100 up to $1,000! Consecutive winners will win $900, $800, until the 10th place winner at $100.

To Enter:

1. Leave a review with a photo on a seasonal holiday item purchased in 2019. 

• Use the same email address you purchased the item with! 
• Include the hashtag #BCPHolidays in the review's body. 

2. Confirm your review submission in the confirmation email

3. Review must be submitted by December 12, 2019


Q: I already left a review with or without a photo. What do I do? 
A: Leave another following the criteria above! 

Q: I didn't get the review confirmation email. 
A: You must click the confirm button in our email to enter. Make sure you check your spam.

Q: Do I also get the reward points for leaving a review? 
A: If you're leaving a review with the same email address your rewards account uses, you will get 50 reward points! 

Q: Does it have to be a 5-star review? 
A: No! We use customer reviews to constantly improve our products. Your honest feedback helps us do that. 

Q: I purchased multiple applicable products. Can I leave a review for each one?
A: Yes, however you can only review a product once and you can only win one of the ten prizes.

Terms & Conditions

    • Contiguous US only
    • Any photo submitted in review will subject to Best Choice Products’ Review terms & conditions.
    • To be eligible you must complete a review with a photo of your seasonal décor item on Between the dates of 12/4/19-12/12/19 11:59 PM PST. Review must include #BCPHolidays
    • Product must be from one of the following categories: Christmas Trees, Christmas Decor, Christmas Tree Accessories, Gift Wrap & Trims
    • Must be submitted with a valid email address
    • No cash value